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Unclear about symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis

Hi All,

I have been suffering headaches, scratchy throat, malaise, vertigo and eustachian tube dysfunction for the past 4 months, ever since getting over a bout of Otitis Media. After several rounds of antibiotics and 8 weeks on Veramyst, my symptoms haven't improved.  I finally went to an allergist yesterday, and had a postive skin-test for dust mite. My allergist says my underlying problem all along has been allergic rhinitis, and she has put me on Nasonex and Astelin, besides given me instructions on 'dust-proofing' my bedroom.  I'm an otherwise healthy 30 y/o male with no previous history of allergies or any serious/chronic illness.  I recently also had a blood test, which was normal except for slightly elevated Lymphocytes.

My question:  Can allergic rhinitis present without coughing, runny/congested nose and itchy eyes?  I don't have these 3 "classic" symptoms, which makes me wonder whether rhinitis can truly be the root cause of my problem.

thanks very much,

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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Your symptoms do point towards allergic rhinitis. Other possibilities are deviated nasal septum (the dividing wall between your two nasal openings is not properly placed) and air conditioner’s allergy due to the mold in air conditioners. You can read more about the symptoms of allergic rhinitis on : http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000813.htm
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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  It sounds like your immune system needs a good boost. Especially after taking antibiotics you may need to take probiotics for awhile, to rebalance your body's "good" bacteria.
There are a number of immune boosting programs and products that will help eliminate allergic sensitivities, ranging from a good balanced diet to single products such as Transfer Factor. As we age, we begin to lose the ability to create the enzymes our bodies use to keep thousands of body systems functioning correctly. Supposedly, this starts at age 27! (I don't know how they came up with this number, I'll have to research this).

Anyway, taking digestive enzymes is a good way to enhance and preserve the enzymes that are needed for everything your body does. I guess that would include balancing the immune system to resist allergies of all kinds.
Adding enzymes to the diet has caused "miraculous" recoveries for so many people. You might want to give this a try.

Hope this helps.
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I'm pretty sure itchy eyes is considered allergic conjuctivis that can also coexist with rhinitis.  

It also depends on how congested you are, I do get congested but I never noticed (or just didn't pay any attention to it) until I saw an allergist. Even now I can still breathe fine through my nose but maybe I don't know what a clear nose feels like?  I would think that if you are always congested you get use to the way it feels (more likely for mild congestion) and not notice it.

It could have been the allergic rhinitis caused your problems but only before you had the issues and is now possibly gone for a bit.  I would try the meds you were given however the nasal spray I had that was suppose to help did nothing for me.  
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