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Unexplained rash?

About a week ago (?) I noticed a random small red spot on my stomach. Not raised, not itchy or painful. Just a red splotch. I went for a shower a hour later and noticed that the same splotches were on my sides, my stomach my upper thighs. It kinda freaked me out. I'm not sure how long I had it. It's not painful, it's not itchy or uncomfortable. It's not on my chest, or my back or my arms. I tried narrowing it down on what i'm using in the shower/bath. I used a few bath bombs from LUSH and all those are all natural and were used more then 5 days ago so wouldn't it have gone away by then? I tried to think of difference in laundry detergent. Nothing. Last week I had a bit of a cough that lasted about 2 days but it was barely anything but a tickle in my throat that made me need to cough. I have been sneezing off and on for about 2 weeks but no sore throat, no fever ect. I have a diffuser in my room and I thought it was that? I don't know. I'm a little concerned. (I have severe health anxiety and my mind is running to all sorts of bad things) Here are some pictures. I also take medication. An anti depressant, a benzo, a beta blocker and a anti phychotic but i've been on those for 3+ years with no changes.

Stomach: http://imgur.com/SJfInJT
Sides: http://imgur.com/LCGEzw2
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Do you only notice them right after a bath or shower?
If not it could be an allergy to the meds. If so, it could be an allergy to water or it could be Dermatographic urticaria.

I get the same red blotches. I was told that I have an allergy to water...especially hot water. Then again I have  Dermatographic urticaria, which means that I can write on my skin. So even touching my skin leaves marks, which means that it may not be a water allergy. lol!

Can you write on your skin? just use your fingernail ( lightly ) and draw a happy face on your stomach. If you can see it clearly as a red design on your skin you'll know. You don' t need to scratch! Just lightly use that or even a stylus.

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