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Urticaria Pimentosa

Do you know of anyone with urticaria pigmentosa that has been stung by a bee?  I have carried an epipen for the last 11 years for my son and Thank God we have not had to use it. But I was wondering if anyone did have an experience like this and had to use an epipen. Or if you have any information on urticaria pigmentosa? ( I know alot about it but I always would like to know more. Please share any information you may have or experiences you incountered.)

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my name is Suzanne my son was diagnosed with urtacaria pigmentosa  at 6 months. I started noticing the spots when he was 3 months. our doctor had no clue. i am looking for more and more info. i have found some info. that diet may help outbreaks. i am starting him on a gluten free diet and also have found a long list of foods that have high histamine levels. brnd new mom , cant sleep, would love to chat.
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Urticaria pigmentosa is a disease that produces skin lesions and intense itching. If the lesions are rubbed, hives may form on the site.
Urticaria pigmentosa is one of several forms of mastocytosis, which is caused by excessive numbers of inflammatory cells (mast cells) in the skin.
The symptoms are appearance of brownish lesions on skin, welt or hive formation when lesions are rubbed or scratched, blister formation over lesion when it is rubbed and facial flushing.
Antihistamines may relieve some of the histamine-induced symptoms such as itching and flushing.
With more severe and unusual forms of urticaria pigmentosa, systemic symptoms should be controlled with other medications.
Hope you find this information useful.
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He is highly allergic like me and yes It is good to have one for the car and somewhere like school or church sometimes I forget to take it with me and I have to have one everywhere it is covenient
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I had to use my epi several times not just for bee stings
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