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Urticaria/hives for a year, no cause found, any help?

I am 30yo. I have had hives for almost a year. I've been to several different doctors and they could not figure out anything. They want to admit me to a hospital, but that is a month away.

Antihistamines don't work (I think, but I am taking them anyway). I have major hives ourbursts each day. It starts in the evening, explodes during the night, and they stop being active around noon the they after that.

And then the night comes, and all over again. Sometimes I have to go to ER to get a shot if it gets too out of control.

Prednisone worked, but I can't take that forever.

I am also depressed for a long time (and hives are not helping with that) and just when I started seeing a psychologist this started happening.

If I had to bet I'd bet that it's psychological. But I can't prove that.

I tried changing my diet, and cosmetics, and clothes, and everything. Nothing made a difference.

So I am pretty desperate, and asking for any advice if someone had a similar situation.
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Sounds like you are allergic to something.  I am not a doctor. My information is from relentless research online about my own syndromes.   I also habe rashes and hives, and they also get worse at night for some reason. I’ve tried all the antihistamines and even at high doses they have not helped.  Then my allergist put me on Xyzal and it helps me a lot.  It is a strong antihistamine so it has some side effects, primarily sleepiness.

I don’t know if you have other symptoms besides depression.  Are you female? If so, do your hives become worse around your menstrual cycle? If so, you may have an allergy to progesterone.  It is supposedly a rare allergy but I don’t think it is. It is just that few doctors have ever heard of it. I have this allergy and my symptoms are not progressing to anaphylaxis.  Even men can be allergic to their hormones.

I recommend visiting an allergist and having allergy testing done that includes testing for progesterone and, possibly, estrogen allergy (estrogen if you are female).   I doubt a dermatologist would be able to help.  I have only ever gotten misdiagnosed by dermatologists.  They are not so good with allergic reactions.  Luckily I have found an excellent allergist myself and I am optimistic about my treatment.  

Even if you do not have a progesterone or other identifiable allergy, you would likely benefit from a medicine called Xolair (omalizumab). It is given as a shot, usually monthly. This medicine shows great success in treating chronic hives (as well as asthma and allergy-related conditions).  

I hope this helps. At least it can point you in a direction you may mot have considered.  If you already have an allergist, you might want to find a different one since your symptoms are not adequately relieved.  

Good luck!

Th bank you You may have just answered my question. I've been having this rash for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden day of my menstrual starting it spread all over my back. Its never been this bad
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