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Vertigo caused by Allergies? Please help me!!!

I really hope someone can help. I recently read a discussion in one of these forums about Vertigo being related to Allergies and a few people were going to try the Joseph Miller technique. I believe the technique has to do with the influenza vaccine in order to conquer HSV-1. I have been a Vertigo sufferer for 9 yrs now and I get it every year at the same time (May and it lasts until Sept). I suffer for a good 4 months and concluded its gotta be allergy related if its always in the Spring. Can someone help and tell me how to administer the Joseph Miller technique? I tried researching it online and cant find anything. I went to every doctor and had every test to find everything is normal. This is my last hope...please help!
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Ask the doctor to prescribe you Allegra, or non-drowsy anti-histamine.  I can't give you the medical terminology, but it has something to do with "drying up" the area in the head (inner ear) that causes this.  I have been hospitalized with vertigo before (until I knew what the problem was).  Dizziness, nausea, hyperventilating etc... the whole thing.  Taking Allegra during the "vertigo season" (late summer) totally prevents them from coming on at all.  You have to take one pill a day.  It works as a preventative remedy.  It won't work as well after the dizziness as already started.  I've used Claritin as well, and this also works.  Any "non-drowsy" antihistamine will work.

Email me if you want more support here at gregory_may_jr***@****

Gregory May
does anyone SEE  an allergist? if so, any success
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get some local honey and use it like a medicine several times a day, putting it in green tea with lemon. it will help your allergies. When you have vertigo, go online and find a video of the EPLEY maneuver. It works instantly, it's easy, it's natural and  you can do it on yourself after you learn it well. The other techniques are insufficient or laborious. If you don't feel good after it is performed, try it again. Don't lie down with head tilted back, to avoid recurring symptoms.
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I have been experiencing the very same thing. It starts with early spring April and lasts until the first part of summer. It begins with a high pitched ringing in my ears and then I get the motion sickness and vertigo sensations that I swear are going to drive me nuts! I just started taking over the counter Benedryl and HATE taking drugs of any kind. I would rather take herbs or work with natural cures if possible. I have not yet tried the EPLEY maneuver but definitely plan to do so tonight. Do you think the local honey (B caps) would work for me as well as Benedryl? Please HELP-I can't go through another Spring like this!!!
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This is the first good advise I've heard.  I have had a runny nose and a huge amount of pressure in my ears.  I've had the fluid in my ears for 3 years now but this is the first time I've had Vertigo with it.  It's going on 15 days solid!  I've tried Meclizine which only sorta helps, and have been taking Allegra D, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the over the counter ones.  Anybody know how to or what to take to dry up the fluid in my ears?  I've just been told by an otologist that I "may have" Menier's and to do a low sodium diet.  No questions about anything else, just that and basically said have a nice life.  No blood test's, no MRI's nothing.  Just said oh well you don't have an ear infection have a nice day.  
Hi, I have the same type seasonal vertigo symptoms, started in April… trough October? serious ear ringing runny nose but its blocked too. sine I take 2 blood thinners for heart conditions the runny nose turns bloody that's embarrassing. All of this, causes me to stagger when I walk, I now use a cane in summer to fall to keep my balance. Ive tried all these meds otc and such but side affects are dizziness , what's the point in meds. discussed with gp and neuro, try meds and Epley.. no help
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I am having the same symptoms that you are and no answers either!! I have constant dizziness and spells of vertigo where the whole room moves.  I went to the ER a month ago where they did a CT scan and they diagnosed me with an inner ear infection.  I then followed up with an ENT and he said no ear infection or fluid in ears but possibily Meniere's! I went in for a VNG test and he said "some weakness in both ears" but never diagnosed me with anything. I feel like I am getting the run-a-around and I've tried every allergy medicine but they all caused more dizziness and also makes me drowsy!!
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I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas and have been going to a doctor who treats Menieres (http://owensearcenter.com/ ) If you don't live in this area I would call them and see if they can give you a referral.  I was given his name by a doctor in Austin (my cousin see him for this same condition).  
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Avoid any doctor that says you have Meniere's. Meniere's is just saying you have 3 symptoms that come from an inner ear disorder and the cause is unknown. You already knew that before you went to the doctor. Sometimes vertigo is hard to diagnose. Vertigo can come from Endolymphatic Hydrops (endolyph fluid causing an inner ear sac to fill and expand out of parameters and becomes toxic to vestibular nerves) controlled somewhat with the Zone diet (too low sodium and Valium a BAD idea), Benign positional vertigo from crystals (treated with Epley maneuver), Perlympth fistula (treated with weeks of bed rest and surgery), etc. What caused these conditions to occur varies from trauma, virus, environmental toxins, etc. What triggers vertigo that comes from one of these underlying conditions can be many factors with allergy a consideration especially if reoccurring at the same time. After 5 years of vertigo, migraine headache, vomiting, hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis, etc., that happened randomly for no reason, I underwent a inner ear 3 1/2 hour drip steriod perfusion that gave me 4 years with little problem. An occasional dizziness if I ate too much sugar or unbalanced my diet for a period of time. The last year in feb. all hell broke loose and I was in vertigo with daily vomiting for several weeks ending up in emergency for IV hydration. I was given Zofran to dissolve under my tongue for vomiting and it was a life saver for the vomiting and helped some with vertigo, but not much. The vertigo lasted till May, with some mild dizziness in June and July. Then I was fine until middle of Feb this year. With Zofran I have not vomited once, but have spent a few days in bed and the rest with dizziness varying from very light to vertigo. I believe because the steroid perfusion wore off, that now my Hydrops is being triggered by allergy and research shows that the Juniper pollen is at a very high level last year and this year. This makes sense because my vertigo started in Feb when the winds were blowing from down state where large areas are covered with Junipers. I have tried meclazine, various allergy meds, Allegra, etc and no result other than headache worse. I take acyclovir anti viral med. daily so reoccurring virus is not the issue. I am calling the doctor today to see about any oral steroids that might help. I cannot afford another perfusion or neuro-otologist visit. Thanks for the post from others here who seems to have their vertigo (whatever cause) triggered by allergies. Bear in mind that allergies do not usually cause vertigo, but can aggravate an underlying disorder. Please do not let anyone tell you that you have meniere's disease. There is no such diagnosis.  You may have the symptoms described by Dr. Meniere in the 1800's and said to have Meniere's syndrome, but that is not a disorder or disease, just a label and a simple way of saying you have vertigo, hearing loss, and tinnitus. Any doctor that tells a patient they have Meniere's DISEASE and scares them with this mysterious non existent disease, should have their license pulled.Chances are with these 3 symptoms one has Endolymphatic Hydrops and understanding what is happening in your inner ear helps treat it and learn to live with it. Get a diagnosis from a neuro-otologist if you can afford it. Ask if they believe Meniere's Disease is a scientific diagnosis. If so look for another doctor because you are wasting your money with a doctor that cannot admit he/she cannot diagnose you so he/she calls it Meniere's disease. I am going to try the oral steroids.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences with  vertigo.  It is so refreshing to hear  someone  who  has  been  down  this  road as  I am traveling.
I've  only been  to  a  few  doctors  but  I  have  experienced  what  you have  yet  in a  small  way.    They  will  not believe  me  when  I  tell  them  my  vertigo   is  traced  every time   to  my  allergy  to sugar  and  even  when   I've  had  too  many  carbs.   I  try  to  be  so  careful  because an  attack  of   vertigo  is  the  worst  thing  I  have ever  experienced.  My  wife  will  blindfold  me  and  let   me  sit  in  a  straight  chair....but  it  has  lasted  for  up  to  '3'  days  in  that  intensity  and  you  have  to move sometime.  I  have  made  a  copy  of  your  experience  and  will  refer  to  your  trials.    Thanks   again  for  sharing.   dwight
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have you found a cure for your vertigo ived been having it since april this year and everything comes out normal they just tell me its allergies
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Has anyone gotten help to the point it's actually cured? I'm really desperate for answers and great doctor referrals.. I hate the feeling and I have the exact symptoms posted on this page.
Please help!
Feel free to email me!
Email is
Baby Louie 2009 @ gmail . Com

Had to post it like this because this page will put stars on it.. please email me info and hopefully answers
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Just adding my "ME TOO"; so that others will know they aren't suffering alone. My first experience, 25 years ago, with allergy related vertigo lasted 3 weeks straight (room-spinning vertigo) and at the time I was a military dependent and told by docs its either "an ear infection or brain tumor and come back if it gets worse." Gets worse? I was vomiting for 3 weeks while the room spun and I couldn't walk without falling over. Most debilitating thing I've ever experienced. It eventually went away and now I have it re-occuring like clockwork between June-October with my allergies. About 10 years ago an ENT doc told me it's Menieres and last year a different ENT said it's not Menieres, it's allergies. But still no solution. I try to keep up with a daily allergy med, frequent decongestant and meclazine and hope for the best. Of course this is a drowsy combination which is ridiculous with 2 full-time jobs AND a fulltime LIFE. I was heartened to read previous comments about diet. A few years ago I stopped eating all processed foods (followed a paleo diet). Not only did I lose 80 lbs, but I had no allergies OR vertigo. Didn't put that together until reading it here. Since falling off the healthy horse, my waistline has expanded as much as my vertigo, so guess it's time to ditch the junk again. Eating that way is like having another fulltime job, but one that YOU pay for instead of getting paid to do, but if that's the key, it's worth it.
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Hi everyone, just surfing around tonight because my vertigo x 0ver 20 years has been really bad this spring, and Im thinking it must be allergy related.
Wanted to let the ladies know that when it first started I went to the best ENT in town, and she put me through all the test she could with no results.
At that time I was also peri menopausal. After many months I finally connected it all, and figured it out that it was hormonal. No, its not gone away, Ive just learned to predict the weather! lol...I also regained migraines with menopause and the vertigo/ lack of hormones.
So just wanted to mention to the women that the vertigo could be a hormone issue.
I know how frustrating it can be, but it is manageable, at least for me.
Good info here on the allergies, I will be looking into the meds for that!
I’m sitting up in bed with exactly these symptoms. I’m allergic and perimenopausal. It’s debilitating not to be able to move. What did you do for it? Would appreciate any advice. Thank you for sharing.
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