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Voice Loss 5 months

Since mid May I've been battling voice loss.  I haven't been able to sing fully since then, and now it is becoming painful to speak at times.  It's been 5 months now.  My vocal chords are pink and inflamed, and I have pre-nodules (small bumps) developing on them.  Can anyone offer any new advice?

The doctors think it could be caused by:  Allergies, or Reflux.
Allergies:  No allergy symptoms at all.  I had been taking Zyrtec every day for months, but for fear of it drying out my vocal chords, I switched to Flonase.  I moved during the Summer, and the problem hasn't changed.  So it's not the environment.  Besides voice loss, no allergy symptoms.

Reflux:  Besides voice loss, no other symptoms.  I have been avoiding spicy foods and stopped eating late.  I don't drink sodas, caffeine, etc.  I sleep at a slant.  I have been taking omeprazole (Prilosec) twice daily.  Again, I don't feel heartburn etc, but I take the medication because my doctor thinks it COULD be the cause.

I have also been on Prednisone (steroid for swelling) to decrease the swelling of my vocal chords.  Has not done much to help.  I avoid smokey environments and places where I have to raise my voice.  Drinking LOTS of water.  I have kept myself from singing for weeks, and besides work, I have forced myself to stay indoors so I can keep resting my voice.  I am looking into getting the Allergy shot so I can remove allergies as a possible symptom, but besides that I have tried everything.

I am confident it wasn't my singing that caused this problem.  My vocal coach is the one that all the doctors refer to when having voice difficulties or misuse.  My current doctor even complimented me on my technique and how it wasn't hurting me.

If anyone has other medical advice, or knows someone who might know something, please tag them!  If you know of any good medical forums, send them my way!  Keep my voice in your prayers.  Please and thank you.
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