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Wasp or hornet sting treatment

"I have been stung about six weeks ago by several wasps. the first week there were signs of infection...after a week the infection spred about 1 sq. foot area and no antihystamin or prepared ointment seem to work and the rash keeps spreading....any advise? it is extremly itchy and painful....help me pls. if you can...Thank you"
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This post is about six months old but I hope that you’ve been cured by now. Can you please share with us how you are doing and if cured,what you did to achieve being cured?  Thanks
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT, body restoration technique with a chiropra.ctor that does applied kenisology,  AK.

NAET does have a DETOX protocol to clear allergies form the system.  Once you have completed the DETOX protocol to clear allergies form the system,  the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

BRT may have a DETOX but not always.

Either method will help improve your condition.

Both my husband and I used these methods for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.  

In addition to allergies we have used for other issues such as rashes. Insect bites, arthritis,  inflammation. Thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  metals,  exposure to pesticides,  liver issues etc.

Good luck
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