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Water/Cold climate allergy


Im 27 male, I have a peculiar allergic reaction.
When ever I drench in rain, my body completely gets rashes, body gets swollen, after some time I face difficulty in breathing.
These symptoms are also seen if I swim in a river ,sea, swimming pool.
If the climate is very cool then also I face similar symptoms.
If I continue with situation, I feel dizziness.

I am unable to figure out this.

This is prevalent from my childhood.
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Since you are showing these symptoms after entering the swimming pool or river or ocean or rain water,so it might be that you are allergic to chlorine or any of the contents of swimming pool.It has been reported that swimming pool water increases the predisposition to allergies and hay fever in swimmers. You might also be allergic to the cold water of the ocean or to the inorganic and organic contents of the river and ocean water.The inorganic contents are the various mineral salts found in the ocean water and the organic contents are the algae,protozoans and the planktons.

You can confirm that by getting yourself tested for allergies by an allergist.Skin prik tests and blood tests like RAST are employed to find if you are allergic to chlorine found in swimming pools or any other chemical in the pool.

Pls tell me whether you get rashes while taking a bath at home also or do you get rashes on eating anything cold like icecreams?Then it can be water urticaria or cold urticaria.

If you face any of such symptoms again,pls take an over the counter antihistaminic like benadryl or zyrtec.If symptoms are severe,oral steroids may be needed.Also,if it is your private pool,then ask swimming pool manufacturers to replace chlorine with some other chemical to which you are not allergic.

If you sense any difficulty in breathing after entering the pool,then pls consult an ER immediately as it can be life threatening anaphylaxis.

Hope it helps.take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.

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hi ,
you are not alone I have same reaction to cold whether it be rain, wind water or just the act of washing up and my shirt gets wet my belly rashes.walking on wet grass air conditioning does same. What I have is cold urticaria. My reaction to cold has caused me to suffer anaphalaxis on occasions which is serious.For me there is nothing I can take. I have learned to live with it and just be careful I also carry a epi pen(adrenaline).
       good luck
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i have a very similar problem, my skin has been sensetive to the cold for 17 years. if i am immersed in cold water from any source, whether from rain or swimming in the sea i will go into anaphylactic shock. i have carried an epipen, inhaler and piriton everywhere with me since and have managed to avoid getting into much difficulty, even managing ski trips.
however in the last two weeks although the air temperatures have been around 22 celsius, lovely and warm, i have been living in tracksuits and jumpers covering everything but my head. i have found exposure to cool air or cold wind and i start finding it hard to breath. even covered up with coats and scarves and feeling very hot walking in the sunshine with a cool breeze i have felt affected and afraid as i have been left stuck not close to any buildings in which to get warm.
it has now become so ridiculous that when i leave my arms exposed outside of the bed covers at night in bed with the room around 18-19 celsius i am woken up from deep sleep with the tingling feeling on my skin and shortness of breath.
this is just ridiculous now!
i do not want to live taking anti histmaines everyday. these just calm the symptons but dont cure the cause.
i also have many food intolerences and allergies also, animal, nickel and iodine intolerences and allergies. i understand my immune system is prob causing this but i want to fine a real and preferably natural cure to this now immense problem and i am afraid more than ever because winter is coming and our valley can reach -6 celsius, we also only have two log burners to heat our house and i have two small children.
can anyone help??
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