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Weird Smell in my Nasal passage will not go away.

I have had nasal problems for years, nasal polyps, sinus surgery sinus infections etc. For many years I have experien ced smells that reside in my nasal passages. I recently had nasal polyps removed for a second time and am on an aggressive treatment of antibiotic, antihistamine, and allergy medications.
Since I have had this smell for many years when people ask me to identify it, I can't because I have only this smell to reference so I can not compare it to anything else.
What I have noticed, and what I have yet to read in my research is that WHEN ANY OTHER SMELL IS PRESENT, I CAN SMELL MY WEIRD SMELL IN PLACE OF IT. So, if a strong smell is present, I smell my smell stronger. It appears the smell comes and goes, but it actually gets triggered by other smells. I have spoken to my ENT and she hasn't got a clue. I wonder if there is some kind of study being done on this phenomenon? I have cleaned out my Sinuses with alkalol(not misspelled) and a baking soda and salt water solution on a regular basis, but it does nothing to reduce the smell. I can even put vicks vaporub under my nose to try to overpower the smell but nothing helps.
Are there any real Doctors out there that can come up with a solution? I'm totally at a loss...
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Everybody thinks I'm mad.... i have the SAME problem now for 2 weeks.  Its TERRIBLE... help please
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i got this same prob ..i think its our sputum smell...its kinda weird smell...but if u eat honey and take steam, it will go away..tht works for me everytime...
Maybe you have  tonsil stones that have traveled in words , or you just keep getting , would you describe the smell as gross smelling?
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Same problem here. Started 2 weeks ago. The odor that I am smelling is that of fumes. Feels like I am sitting in a closed in garage with a car running. Help!
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same here for months now started with flu like them to lungs, thought I was better after 12 weeks of flu, then the smells in my nose, sinus, lungs?..HORRID and some are very distinct and also some are multiple, some are triggered by certain smells, sometime I smell smoke, exhaust, rancid, just hard to explain, it drives me crazy!
]And my nose will burn also my lips. nothing really smells like it should and most things smell horrible, taste too....
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This is going to sound real strange but I get a really weird smell in my nose from time to time.  I noticed that if I don't wear deoderant the smell goes away.  I have switched deoderants 3 times in the last 6 months and I'm still looking for one that doesn't cause this odor in my nose.  Sounds weird I know, but try it, it may be that, it's worth it if it goes away.
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I have this weird smell, sort of burning, amonia, sensation.  I also have a post nasal drip which requires mucinix to get it out of my throat.  The doctor put me on Omnaris and I am taking penecillin tablets.   I have had this problem for about eight weeks.  Sometimes are worse than others.  I have never had a problem like this  before ever.  I had a serious cold at the beginning of the summer which lasted a long time. I hope it goes away.  any suggestions?
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