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What can I do if my job keeps ignoring my allergy to bleach?

I've been working for a certain restaurant since December of 2017 repeatedly I have informed all of the managers including the three store managers and the upper management of the team and every team member in my store that I have an allergy to bleach fumes and it is very severe and it seems no matter if its small amounts or big amount will trigger it I can't wash my clothes in it I can't do anything with bleach but the fumes themselves from even a small amount make me start having asthma-like symptoms such as my voice goes horse and raspy my throat closes up i can't breathe i can't think I get dizzy and my head aches badly and this can go on for a good while and I will have to go outside until the fumes are gone and my throat opens back up to breath. Now Everytime this happens, I have to basically abandon my customers and pray that they don't get upset or leave before I am able to re-enter the building and everyone acts like I'm such a drama queen and am just making stuff up and that they googled it and there's no such things. Well I have done my own research and either they want me dead or I work for idiots because I found several qualified sites with the information. Now I have also been to a Dr a long time ago and confirmed that for myself so I know I'm not making this up and have asked several times if I need to go get a Dr note and told no and laughed at because they don't believe me even though it happens every time yesterday I was  told if it would make me feel better to go get one go ahead but they googled it and there is no such thing and when I tried to show them my web results I was again brushed off and dismissed with sarcastic placating and it had happened twice in an hour period! I don't have the money to go to the Dr at the moment to get a note and I can talk til I'm blue in the face with them and they will literally roll their eyes at me!!!!!???!!! I'm very upset and this is a hazard to my health!! (Also something I keep repeating to mgt) What do I do? Please help !!!!!!
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From what you describe. It does not appear that you will change the attitude of the people you work with.

Find another line of work other than one that follows the protocol of using bleach to clean.  

Also, being around negative people is certainly not helping you in aspect of your health and career.

As for your allergies. Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT. Body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology,  AK.  

Both methods are NON invasive and a higher level of accupunture without NEEDLES.  

Very helpful for allergies and so much more.

Choosing a career and/or employee is something you have control over.  

You also have control over your health . Healthy person, healthy life.

Good luck
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