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What could this be?

Hello all, So about 2 and a half weeks ago I stayed over at my boyfriends house. I have stayed over there before but its been a year since the last time I did. While I was trying to sleep I was dizzy and couldn't breath out of my nose. Its happened before but it was worse then usual. I just figured I was allergic to something and thought I would get better once I left. Later that evening we went out to dinner with my family. I started feeling dizzy while there but thats not an uncommon symptom for me so I didnt think much of it. On my way home in the car I started feeling a lot worse with severe vertigo, slight headache, and nausea.  By the time I got out of the car I felt so off balance it was hard to walk felt like I was floating. As soon as I got into the house I started throwing up and my heart was racing. I took some Tylenol just in case it was a migraine and laid down the rest of the night. After a while I started feeling better. Ever since then I have been having a problem with dizziness, heart palpations, weakness, nausea, feeling off balance, and tired. Somedays are better then others and theirs times I feel awful then later on I get better. Sleeping and laying down help. Im pretty sure I have Postural Othostatic Tacardia Syndrome (POTS) which can cause all these symptoms but im never this severe especially for this long. Im in the process of trying to get a diagnoses. I have went to the doctor twice over how I have been feeling lately. She did a lot of lab work, and said Im low on vitamin D which could explain my weakness, slightly low on potassium, and my thyroids was borderline but just to get rechecked in a few months. I also have fluid in my ears so she figures thats why I get dizzy and feel off balance. I have been taking Clartain for 11 days now and she prescribed me Flonaise a week ago. Im on two different allergy meds and Im still having problems with dizziness, tiredness, off balance, and weakness off and on through out the day. Sometimes I cant hardly even get on the computer or read stuff on tv without feeling dizzy or sitting down at the dinner table makes me dizzy. She said she didnt know what else to do. These last few nights I have been having allergy symptoms I was sneezing earlier it made me get nasal drainage in my throat so now my throat is irritated and itchy and my nose is stuffy. I would figure since Im on allergy meds it wouldn't be acting up now. Anyone else know what I can do?
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