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What do you do to treat your Seasonal Allergies?

My allergies have been bothering me earlier than usual this year.  Weather can impact this but I am sure I am not alone in suffering from seasonal allergies.  How do you manage your allergies?  When are your worst times of year?

And I should not have been surprised by the preseason allergy attacks as it as predicted.  

Do you stay indoors due to allergies? What about sleeping with your windows always closed?

https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=221107  This article suggests that this is important.  It's hard though if you are active or like fresh air in your home and don't have air conditioning.

Knowing your allergy triggers will help you.  Ragweed, weed pollen and mold are very common. Pollen counts are often regularly updated on local news sites. A hepa filter in your air conditioner may help. Wearing sunglasses when out will help keep pollen out of your eyes. Wash your hair at the end of the day to wash out pollen. Exercise in the morning when pollen counts are lower. Rinse off the dog as Fido may have pollen on their fur.

Medication can be a blessing.  Nose sprays are helpful for some as are oral antihistamines. There is an antihistamine nose spray as well now.  Speak to your doctor about any of these options. Most are over the counter but a doctor guiding you is best. You also can consider nasal lavage. And allergists can provide long acting injections as an option.

Let us know how you manage your seasonal allergies!
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So I have seasonal and year round allergies. Basically, I'm allergic to everything.

I always sleep with my windows closed, though I am fortunate to have AC. I have allergy covers on my pillows, and probably should on my mattress, but don't. I take off my shoes at the door so I don't track anything through my house, like pollen.

I dust and vacuum at least weekly, if not more (I have one of those robot vacuums). This helps eliminate any pollen or whatever in the house, too.

I have clean air machines, too.

I haven't been able to bring myself to try nasal lavage, though people rave about it.
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I did sublingual immunotherapy. Also called SLIT. Same idea as allergy shots except you squirt drops under your tongue at home, instead of having to go in for shots. It took a couple years for the allergies to reduce and it was inconvenient. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. Now I pretty much don't have environmental allergies.
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Oh I'm definitely going to look into this. Thanks!
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