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What is wrong with me?!

I have had 24/7 365 post nasal drip for the past 4 years that has caused my life to be absolute hell. With all this mucous in the throat it makes a great breeding area for bacteria & causes bad breath like you wouldn't believe. Please don't say brush your teeth or recommend I see a dentist or something, this is definitely caused by the post nasal drip and doing anything but fixing that will not help but slow it down. The only allergy I have is to cats and I don't have any of those, and I live in a very clean place devoid of stress for the most part. Doctors are clueless and put me on nose sprays and there aren't any specialists who can help either, even after waiting 6 months to see one the best he could do was shrug. I've tried almost every allergy medicine which can help slightly but mainly due to their drying effect and in the doses required to do that they put me right to sleep..

I'm relatively healthy and dislike sweet things but I could eat a few more fruits and vegetables, I usually eat bread and meat, pasta and milk (which I've also tried to cut out doing no good) too but not much else I can afford, my parents wouldn't understand and I'm too stubborn to show them how I really feel so I was forced to move into my own place so that takes up most of my income.

I think it could be a food allergy but I don't really have any other side effects.. I feel perfectly fine besides what I listed above. I have tried cutting out all breads, glucose, etc and nothing has helped in the least. Many have said it could be a yeast infection but I don't have a white tongue or anything, and I can breathe through my nose just fine.

At this point I just want a normal life and it feels like a massive curse to have this 'disease', I know there are others out there with the same problem but I've yet to find a solution..

Does anyone know what's wrong with me?
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i have the same problem. my life is absolelutley hell because i cant talk to people or get close to people. its beginning to ruin my life. i can enter a room and clear it out without speaking. it unreal its smells so bad but i cant smell it every one else can. let me know if u find a solution i'll keep posted on mine.
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