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What should I do with hives lasting for a week?

I used to get hives very frequently, about twice to four times a year, but I haven't had them in around two years. Six days ago, I woke up with the red, raised bumps on my hands. I thought it was nothing, because all the cases I've had in the past had gone away within 24hrs. This time, it was different. Today is the evening of the sixth day and the hives have not gotten better, or gone down. I've been taking Zyrtec and Benadryl which helps the symptoms, but the hives keep coming back after 4-8 hours. I haven't felt any closing or tightness in my throat (as I never have,) but I'm afraid that might happen soon. I've been to an allergist twice and all results came back negative. I haven't used any new skin or hair products, and haven't eaten anything unusual, either. My doctor said she couldn't do anything about it, and just to keep taking the antihistamines. I'm really stumped (and stressed) about what to do right now. Any input helps!
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Have you talked to your Doctor about Xolair injections? I started out with occasional Hives which I was able to deal with O.K...Then over the past few years they became more frequent and started lasting for days,then weeks at a time, robbing me of sleep and nearly drove me to insanity.My GP didn't seem to know what to do for me and from my point of view seemed apathetic about my condition. I've come to understand there are an amazing number of maladies that will manifest as Hives,skin itching,etc..I eventually found an excellent Allergist/Immunologist who got me on a better combination of Antihystamines and I supplement that with Xolair Injections. It's not perfection but my quality of life has improved greatly. He also was able to pin point the cause (Immune Disorder).Don't be afraid to shop around and try out different Doctors if you aren't getting results.
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