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What should I do?

Hello good morning. I’m a 31 year old female with no kids. I suffer from nasal allergies, lactose intolerant and get heartburn or stomach discomfort sometimes. However, last week of Februaru I developed white spots at the back of my throat. My doctor said it was strep and gave me Augmentin which reduced the appearance somewhat but not completely. I got the covid vaccine astrazeneca, got a fever and the white spots increased once again (even worse). My doctor gave me Augmentin again for a week along with flucanazole. I’m at the end of the course of treatment. The white spots have decreased but some are still there. Doc wants me to switch to cipro now but is it safe to be on antibiotics for so long?
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Hi there.  So, to treat for strep they have to swab your throat.  You must have had strep present on the swab which means that really was the issue.  And strep can be a little resistant.  Augmentin does usually knock it out though.  I took antibiotics for a full month around the clock for a tooth issue (yes, 4 times a day and got up at night or it).  I was fine during.  About two weeks after stopping, all heck broke loose in my GI track. I did get a yeast infection and treated that. BUT, I had a day in which I was horribly ill.  I had stomach cramping, nausea and diarrhea.  It was brutal. After that day, I was left with unrelenting diarrhea.  I thought I had C diff.  I didn't but did have a GI tract stripped of normal flora.  At that time, I used a prebiotic tea called kambucho which tastes really good (cold from frig section of super market) and also ate things like sauerkraut, pickles, etc.  Things like apple cider vinegar, etc.  That gets your gut ready for the next thing which is probiotic. I took a probiotic pill and ate probiotic yogurt.  It helped doing this for about 2 straight weeks.  I'm on antibiotics again for an infection and I'm eating yogurt and taking the probiotic.  
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Thanks for your advice. But as for an update the throat culture revealed i have klebsiella. Warm salt water gargles cleared away the exudates (white patches) but my tonsils are still swollen and my allergies to dust/pollen etc seem to make it go from a swelling of2/4 to a 3/4
Klebsiella is most often associated with new mothers as it an infection usually picked up in maternity wards. Years ago I took an herb in capsules  when I had it. It went down to acceptable levels. I think my doc didn't like that I was using an herb instead of anti biotics so when I asked about my test results they kept saying they still detect a little.  That was years ago. I know longer take the herb and what ever minute amount they kept detecting does not cause me any more symptoms.

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