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What's causing my face to turn red and burn during summer?

Since turning 30 and going on for 5+ years now, every year starting around March through October my face turns red and begins to burn. And acme (the type that hurts) starts to breakout in the area that are red.  This lasts the entire Spring and Summer.  Strangely the redness and burning stops around October and does not reappear until sometimes around March. The timing is very accurate, I've been tracking this for 3+ years. I've gone to doctors, did the blood, liver and kidney tests.. all came back negative.  According to all the internal medicine doctors i have seen, I am very healthy. The dermatologists I've seen all they could do was prescribe topical skin medication for treatment, which doesn't help. My diet is pretty consistent.  There are no changes with my diet through out the years.  

Has anyone experience this issue or might have a guest as to what is the cause?  Thanks
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I have similar--but not acne. My redness is from environment...anything in the air. I would see an allergist for prick test to see what your allergic to. If
your allergic to trees, grass, weeds ,etc. ..their are foods that crossover...such as trees..nuts, etc...grass, wheat, and so on.  My face also burns and I've had allergy shots for 2+years...still face gets red/burns..some times worse--s/time less intense--still there all yr. round..why I drs. say it's environment...in the "air"...wherever you live could be the problem...hard to say...but from my 5yrs experience with sinus surgery, drs. meds,...go see a good Clinical research allergist...or a teaching hospital that has one...GOOD LUCK...hard to endure, I know..
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