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White Spots in Throat

I have a few questions.

I believe I have a mild case of strep.

I have a big white spot in the back of my throat in front of the uvula and a small white spot on one of my tonsils. Very sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, no fever, no runny nose at least presently, some sneezing.

I have had about a dozen of these episodes in my life.  It's always the same thing the strep test is either negative or inconclusive but I get prescribed antibiotics and the spots clear up in a day or two and everything is fine.

I'm 38 and have had throat and ear problems forever.

When I was younger and had a cigarette when I drank, I was almost guaranteed the have this strep like sore throat within couple of days.

So today I never smoke and hardly ever drink, but every once in a while I will bing, 6-8 beers in a night with my friends( I weigh 170 lbs) work out regularly.  When I do this I'd say there is a 1:6 chance within a couple of days I'll come down with this strep like sore throat condition.

The same is true for my ears, I will get ear infections MORE often then the strep throat condition.

I have had a recent AIDS test and it was negative and in general I
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Just a follow up went and saw a NP.  I had a strep test done came back positive.  I would like to know why I seem to get these more often then I should.


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It seems like your lifestyle is what is affecting your strep throat.  For instance, I used to get sicker more often when I started smoking.  I smoked for about 3 years.  I quit 3 weeks and had a minor set back this past Sunday night.  I smoked 3 cigs.  So a few days later I got sick.  Figures, right?  So if drinking and smoking is what causes you to get strep throat and you know this, then I know it is very difficult and probably redundant, but you need to not smoke or drink.  If you are willing to take this chance getting sick knowing what you do that may or may not cause you to get strep throat a few days later, then you wouldn't be on this discussion board asking why you get them more often than you should.  Also a heads up, my family told me to take a lot of Vitamin C.  Take about 1000mg a day.  My mom is a smoker and used to get sick all the time, she was taking it for a few months and noticed a difference.  She never got sick anymore.  And like most things, it does take awhile to take effect.  You can't just take something for a week and expect change.  Keep taking Vitamin C daily and you'll notice a difference in building your immune system.  That doesn't mean to take Vit. C and smoke and drink.  If you really want to stay healthy, change your lifestyle.  Pay attention to what happens before you get sick so you can assess the situation and figure out what may be causing your sickness.  You're the only one that can change your lifestlye.  If you atmosphere is a problem with changing your drinking and smoking habits, then conceal your alcohol with plain coke or sprite, and smoking, if people offer you a cig, tell them your grandmother just passed away from lung cancer.  They'll back off.  Hope this helps!!
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