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Why am is my chest feeling pressure & Having shortness of breath while sleeping?

Went to bed after walking on the treadmill & lifting some weights. I've been trying to eat better & walk on the treadmill. The weight lifting was only a one time thing that was the night before. I'm a single dad of a 5yr old & it scared me when I couldn't catch my breath and my chest felt pressure and just an odd feeling, so I called my mom to come over at 4am. She checked all my vital signs & they seem fine. My breathing was around 60 my b/p was 117/76 I had no congestion in my chest except a lot of sinus congestion & my eyes seem a little red. I do have a dog that sheds a lot but this had never happened before. Any suggestion what this could be? Could this be respiratory, Cardiac or allergy related?
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This sounds really scary and could probably be a multitude of things.

In terms of your exercise, are you increasing it to quickly?? Maybe pace yourself better. Also consider your cholesterol levels. With heavy excersize it
Sorry posted prematurely... If you have high cholesterol, there is a chance it can become dislodged with high activity caused with the potential for clots.

You could simply have a lung infection causing shortness of breath. You'd wanna go to your GP to get diagnosed.

Also, if it a somewhat regular occurrence consider sleep apnea. There is online tests you can take to assess your risk factors.

Could also be allergies. Allergies can develop at any time. Even if you weren't allergic to your dog, you can be now. If you suspect it to be your dog, keep your dog out of your room and see if symptoms are better. Also, if your symptoms are worse at night consider dust mites as they cab live in your pillow.

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