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Will rabies vaccine hurt me

I was giving my dog a rabies vaccine. As I was almost through, the syringe burst open and the rest of the rabies vaccine went in to my eyes and on my hands. I washed them right away. Can this hurt me since it went in my eyes ?
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I think you should visit your Doctor. Even if a vaccine is made with "death/inactive virus" ((so it cannot cause rabies)), I'm not sure if "eye contact" can develop some allergic reactions. Another important aspect is that I'm not sure if vaccines for human and for dogs/cats are very similar, I suppose each one should have something specific for the "patient" (human, dog, cat). Anyway, I hope you can share through this forum more information on your case, Thanks.
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Were you able to go to your doctor and have this checked?  Killed vaccines such as the rabies vaccine contain adjuvants or additives that "boost" the immune reaction. And you may need to have this checked for proper management.

Take care and do keep us posted.
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