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alergic symptoms titanium dioxide

Hi, I have done a blood test - I'm alergic of dioxine Titanium ! What are the clinical symptoms of this kind of allergy ?
Thanks for your help
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Hi lolapia,

Could you please tell me more about how you were tested/diagnosed for this allergy?  I have been suffering for 2 years with what I was told were environmental allergies to almost everything, and food allergies, all of which appeared suddenly out of nowhere.  I have recently determined I have an extreme sensitivity to titianium dioxide (not multiple severe allergies to pollen, dander, peanuts...etc.). Titanium dioxide is in everything, paint, paper, ink, deodorants, toothpastes, food coloring...
I have tried in vain to find a doctor or allergist to test for this or adress this cemical sensitivity.  There is only one blood test I have heard of that will check for titanium sensitivity and that is the MELISA test, and my doctor said this is not available in the U.S.  Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated.
My symptoms have been many and varied, but have included tongue swelling, throat swelling/soreness, difficulty concentrating/reading because of the titanium dioxide in paper and inks, fatigue, difficulty breathing,  pretty typical chemical sensitivity sypmtoms.  
I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced sensitivities to titanium or any products containing titanium dioxide.

After feeling sick from a lesser dosed thyroid pill which had a green color, medication for pneumonia, repeat of medication, medication for a bacteria probably from food in a restaurant followed by medication after medication for the for terrible discomfort from the esophagus to bowel problems that wouldn't go away, I checked the meds online to find the common factor which turned out to be titanum dioxide. Finally I put a yellow tablet in very hot water for a few minutes and removed the coating. I was able to take this.  It has been two and a half years since this "tragedy" began and am still having digestion problems although I feel much better than before .
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I, too, have MCS.  Since titanium dioxide is in so many things, how does one find out if one is sensitive to or allergic to it if the MELISA test that was mentioned isn't available in America?  I found a similar issue with sulfites, which are also in so many products.  I have no doubt that titanium dioxide is in most of these same products.  How did you isolate titanium dioxide as the common culprit?  Sulfites are in multitudes of products, too, but I was still able to isolate sulfites as my own issue and stopped having nearly so many food related symptoms as I had before I made this discovery.  So, I'm wondering how you were able to isolate titanium dioxide as the common culprit?  

I definitely react to newsprint, which includes newspapers, magazines and telephone books.  Some newly printed books smell so toxic that I won't bring the items into my home.  These are the ones that are beyond help--that airing them out simply won't work well enough.
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I too have unexplained allergy symptoms: swollen tongue, swollen sinus membranes, difficulty breathing.  If you go to this website you will see what is in the food grade titanium dioxide that is put into our food and medicine:  http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/nanlingchem/product-detailqeMJohTramik/China-Anatase-Titanium-Dioxide-Food-Grade.html
They allow this food additive that has up to Max 20 mg/kg Lead, Max 8 mg/kg Arsenic, Max 5 mg/kg Barium, Max 1 mg/kg, Max 1 mg/kg Mercury, Max 50 mg/kg Antimony.

I and my family have been poisoned before by lead in our drinking water. And now I feel like have have been poisoned all over again.

I have been taking a medicine made by Caraco Pharmacutical Labortories who was shut down June of this year by the FDA for medication that was not formulated correctly, and for tainted drug ingrediants and sloppy manufactoring practices. One of the inactive ingrediants is Titanium Dioxide.  The FDA seized 22.9 million dollars worth of drugs from Caraco when they shut them down.  Caraco is based in Detroit, MI. Caraco has a long list of drugs that were recalled.  Go to the FDA website and you can see the list of all the drugs recalled and you can see all of the inspections they did at Caraco and all of the warning letters from 2005 to 2009. Just put Caraco in the FDA search engine. In my opinion, the FDA knew there was trouble in 2005 and it took them until 2009 to shut them down. In my opinion the FDA needs to do their homework and do a better job of protecting our health. You can also check the active and inactive ingredients in the medication you are taking by going to the FDA website.

Caraco Pharmacutical Laboratories also sold drugs to the Veteran's Adminsitration health system.  They were sometimes repackaged for the Vets so you have to double check the NDC number to make sure you get the right manufacturer.  Caraco is 72% owned by Sun Pharmaceutical company that is based in India.  Sun also supplies most or all of Caraco's chemical ingrediants that go into their drugs. I hope this helps.  

I would get into the nearest Naturopathic doctor who does Chelation and get tested. If your exposure to lead or other heavy metals is not a recent exposure it will not show up in your blood, but will be in your tissues and need to be chelated out and then tested. Sandy
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Hi Lolapia and Morbo,
I read your comments since I was compiling a list of prescription medications containing titanium dioxide (E171). It's a very common ingredient, and can cause allergy in susceptible or sensitive. I saw you were interested in the MELISA test, but your doctor told you it wasn't available in the USA? Not true. The MELISA test has been available in the US since 2006, and we have worked with patients from some of the best known medical institutions in the country, including Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. It is the only test that has been validated and confirmed for metal allergy, including allergy to titanium. To find out more, go to www.melisadiagnostics,com. The website has information about metal allergy symptoms and more.
good luck, and good health,

Lana Foree, MD
Medical Director
Melisa Diagnostics USA
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I started looking up titanium dioxide as two make up products recently purchased, which have that common ingredient, have, I believe caused some sinus/allergy reactions. Today I tried again using just ONE of the two products - it's an under-eye concealer, and let me tell you my eyes have been troubled ALL day. I plan on going right back to the department store and asking for a refund - neither product was cheap and I cannot throw that kind of money away.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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OMG I am so glad to find you guys.  I was beginnming to think I was the only person in the world allergic to titanium dioxide.  Finding the MELISA site gave me hope because no one creates a product with no demand.  :-)

Sorry for the long post.

About 5 yrs ago I started itching for no apparent reason.  I was taking percocet for pain from a car accident 2 yrs previous.  I came to the conclusion I was allergic to the oxycontin in the percocet. I do have other serious drug allergies that have evolved over time.  The Dr decided to give me oxycontin and eliminate the tylenol.  I stopped itching.  So I went two years thinking I was allergic to tylenol.  The it started with almost every drug I was on or started.  Changing to brand helped so then I thought it was generic.  But then my synthroid made me itch and it is brand.  It was the blue dye so now I take 3 white ones instead of 1 blue one.  The itching kept coming.  It got to the point I could no take any OTC meds and only 2 prescritions.  I was having back problems and in pain so I ended up seeing a neurosergeon.  His wife was a pharmacist so he suggested I have a consult with a pharmacy Dr. I had been going to the allergist for years. I never even knew you could do that.  Well the following week I went to see him and he was almost scratching his head.  I gave him the 2 drugs I could take with no issues and the very long list of those I  knew I could not take and he started looking.  After about an hours he says, do you have metal allergies, I said, "yes".  He said, "titanium dioxide" .  We spent two hrs together and it was in every drug I had tried to include all the OTC things and it was not in the two I could take..

I went to the pharmacy and found the only asprin without titanium, Doan's.  It's a powder, ugh.  I went home and then started months of testing myself by trial and error.  Every single time I took a drug with Titanium I started itching.  Only once I was itching when I was not taking anything and I sort of freaked out thinking I had to start all over.  Ha  it turned out to be the skittles I was eating.  Then I started looking at everything, gum, the mineral based make-up I bought and I got hives and swollen eyes.  They were so bad I had to see the optomologist. And like the other lady it was expensive so I gave it to my daugther.  :-)

I plan to go see my allergist and ask for the metal patch test (results are not great) and if that does not show anything I will ask for the Melisa test.  

If it's a small quantitiy of titanium i tmight make take two pills to make me itch or if I take it for two days.  The icthing is behind my knees, arm pits, thighs, back and eventually all over.  The itching is so bad it keeps me up and my shin will get raw and it turns into eczema. If it's a high quantitiy like oil base paint I break out in hives on my back just from being in the same room as soon as they open the can and I have to leave the area.  If it's contact like make-up I get really bad.  My eyers were so bad I looked like a monster just from using mascara. I wanted to rip my eyes out from the itching.  It took me along time to recover from that.

One last thing, I just discovered I have Fibromyalgia and there is a connection to MCSS, I found Titanium Dioxide listed there.  So if you are having many different symtoms and beginning to think you are crazyt you might want to check on Fibro.  It amkes most people including me years to decaded to find out they have Fibro.
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I forgot to mention I am keeping a spreadsheet of drugs I find that do not have Titanium Dioxide and I am looking into a compound pharmacy to make meds for me without Titanium.  The fight with the insurance company has started and we are military.  :-(
You are so relaxed about titanium dioxide (just say that out of concern). Are you aware that its other use is attack biological matter on windshields to keep them clean. You still want to play with titanium? Just stay away from it. It has no biological purpose or benefit. It is actually in certain circumstances considered a carcinogen. The only reason the FDA passed it for human use and consumption is because there is no test  done on humans of the effects of titanium. On animals the test show biological problems consistent with the primary function of titanium dioxide.
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Here is a list of many items that contain Titanium Dixoide.
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OH MY GOD!  I too am so glad to have found you.
I have reacted most of my life to medicine and cannot breath when I take it and it has gotten worse over the years. All these years of knowing I wasn't crazy but no one could
figure out what was wrong.
My new allergiest figured out the common denominator is titanium dioxide.
BUT unfotunately it was one week after they put a titanium implant was put in my mouth.
Now I am reacting with headache, ringing in ears and sore joints.  
Had the Melissa test done and they say I am mildly allergic to titanium.
Trying to figure out if implant has to come out.
Anyone with information please write.  By pulling all this information together we are finally starting to see a pattern.
Let me know if anyone else has their story to share.
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Please write about any info you have about getting prescriptions mixed.
I too am going to have to have some meds made without the titanium.
I have to take a baby aspirin every day.  Found out Bayer does not put titanium
in their baby aspirin.
Nice to know I am not the only one.
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I am having breathing problems when I take medicine with titanium in it..
Now with an implant I am having ringing in ears, headaches in temples, very
sore joints in my body.
What symptoms are you having?
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Hey guys! I already wrote here but probably little bit different topic. After placing titanium implant in my mouth I had swollen joints, problems with walking, and lots of diferent problems... after 1 year battling with doctors - rheumtologist, family doctor, dentist, emergency doctor I have found my answer - I am allergic to Titanium dioxide and i am going to take out the implant. all the prvious urine and blood tests didn't show anything. You can do Melisa test if you live in US, they will send your blood to Canada for testing, I did it, and can recommend. Simply go to Melisa website. Wish you all best, I am excited I will have my life back soon!!!!!!
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Hello my friends,
I was so happy to find this site also.  I have had MCS for about 14 years now, due to a chemical poisoning at work. Yes, I went through the whole you are crazy thing !!! Went to about 1000 drs. Toxicologists, did chelation, changed my whole way of life, etc etc.
Lately I have been diagnose with Interstitial Cystitis, the Dr. put me on Elavil for pain and to relax my bladder, I took one pill and woke up the next day with eyes swollen shut and the whole allergy thing going on. I called the Doc and he changed my meds to Pamelor, woke the next morning, same thing !!! I was so disappointed because the meds worked for my Cystitis but left me looking and feeling like a swollen up freak.
Today I was determined to find out what I was allergic to in these meds, the only ingredient that is the same in both of them is Titanium Dioxide.  I came to this conclusion by taking each of the meds one more time, I took one after washing off the dye (which I initially thought I was allergic to ) and the other a capsule, I took the powder out of the capsule and took it. That ruled out the dye issue.
I also cannot take Oxy, or some other meds.  Now I will go about checking all the things that have been bothering me and make a list. For many year I thought I was an alien from another planet because of all my allergies.
I want to add, I did 5 years of chelation and detox when I first got sick, the only way I can even make it in life right now is by watching EVERY single thing I eat, drink, where I go, and control my environment completely.  I am also allergic to ALL perfumes, Dyes, cleaners, scents, newsprint, new books, sulfites, artificial anything, msg, aspartame, you name it and I am probably allergic to it. There are a lot of good books out there to help people like us and also a lot of good MCS places to go on the web.
Good luck everyone, and, dont ever feel like you are alone,We are in this together.
Always remember, we are sane and sensitive,  !!!!
Lizzy Jake.
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Bless your heart! and Yes, I have the same reaction to any thing that goes on my face with Titanium Dioxide in it! The area around my eyes swells, turns bright red, get very hot and itches. I have to wear an icepack, then days later all the skin begins to peel off. It's not a pretty sight! I ordered some titanium free makeup (eyeliner and mascara) off an internet site last week. I seem to be ok with that - but I am fearful anytime I put anything on my face. Today, my face reacted to a vitamin e oil - so now I assume I am allergic to topical vit e. I have never reacted to titanium dioxide in foods (not that I have recognized, anyway)  LIZ
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I'm not sure if I have allergies to Titanium Dioxide, but I'm going to try to focus on it. Since I began having some unexplainable rashes (bumpy skin and more dry lines) and itchiness on my face and neck its still on going. I thought it was winter dryness but I still can't stop it even with a lot of lotion all day and its the same in summer. But when all this started 6 months ago, was when I started to use sunscreen more consistently and topped it over with make up and blush on. I used to also take syn-thyroid and stopped a few months earlier (doctor okay-ed it afterwards) due to unexplainable dryness. One other thing of concern to me is that we have a steaming iron that the face of it is coated with titanium dioxide (we were trying to avoid non-stick type products)- wondering if that would contribute too. I am not sure what to do right now except for not use sunscreen- maybe do a test too?
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I have acid reflux and seem to be allergic to all proton pump inhibitors an other medicines. I am suspicious of Titanium  Dioxide because I was also having symptoms from Zyrtec pill form. Congestion in my throat lungs and post nasal drip. I switch to Zyrtec liquid gels and it went away. Liquid gels do not have Titanium Dioxide. I can not find a PPI without it. Does anyone know of one? Pepcid  EZ chews do not but they are going off the market.            
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Well I'm glad I found this group. I too thought is was some freak alone with some weird topical reactions to something unknown. A couple of months ago I was told I have an allergy to Lanolin and Black rubber. I have confirmed the black rubber. I don't know what the Lanolin does to me but I am also having reactions to something in soap and shampoos. I have been trying to figure out what is common to both. Many things are but just yesterday I found a the connection of Titanium Dioxide. One of the items only had 5 ingredants with titanium dioxide being one. I don't think I have any reaction to it if I eat it. This reaction happens when I touch it and then touch my face or eye area. It will itch like crazy, turn red and than feel like there are rocks in my eye, or it puffs up like a balloon and I can't see because it is so swollen. I am not sure if it is Titanium Dioxide, but is giving me another thing to research. Thanks for giving me some ideas and I'm sure I will be back to this site for help.
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I have spent thousands of dollars purchasing products over the past few months and started performing my own research including talking to chemists of makeup companies.  My problems started years ago with nail polish and nail products.  This year it increased to almost all of my makeup and other personal care products.  The symptoms are identical to those described by others.  Itching, stinging, tongue sensations and actually a taste in my mouth.

I have finally found a physician, Dr. John Apgar in Atlanta that is a chemist and cosmetic dermatoligist.  I started suspecting titaniium dioxide several weeks ago and replaced every makup product.  I also finally found a company that has several nail polish colors that so not contain titanium dioxide.  butter London. You have to expressly ask them for colors that do not contain this chemical and they will provide them.   I cannot express how good I feel to get this out of my system.  I just received my MELISA test and anxious to see the results.  If this proves negative then more chemicals will have to be tested via a patch test.  My last product to try was nail polish and after 3 days of titanium dioxide free nail polish on my toes.....no sensations or reactions. I honestly believe that my research and experiments are yielding a sensitivity to titanium dioxide.  

I  hope that they physician community will pay more attention to these symptoms and this chemical allergy or sensitivity.  I tested basic paper based white out and face paint for children on my arm and it was almost a serious reaction as I started to have breathing problems.  Pay attention to your body on this one.  There are signs and they are not compatible with traditional contact dermatitis.  Catherine
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What site sold titanium free makeup???
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What site sold titanium free makeup???
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OMG !!!!! For the past two years I have been changed from med to med thinking I was crazy!! I was having a breathing problem with each and my doctor would shake his head and try a different one. I found out that when you eat at certain resturants they use silicon dioxiode in the foods. ( this is what I was told) I google this to find out about it and then came to the Titianium Dioxide results.. Now I started thinking back .. I had a "cage" put in my neck as I had a bad disc 2 years ago. This cage my contain Titianium beads maybe ? What I'm thinking is all this Titianium to much for my system ?? Between the meds, makeup ( itching eyes) .. And I feel okay in the morning however I then take my daily med's and it starts all over again. If I eat anything with silicone dioxidoe its worse.      
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O.K. I have a sensitivity to TD, I also have CFS/FM . I have more than 25 years experience in the Alternative Health Industry and Applied Kinesiology. I've learned that most people who have ME/CFS and FM, also have one or more VIRUSES. They usually develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). It is just how our bodies work! The XMRV Virus associated with ME/CFS and FM, causes the reactivation of LATENT Viruses. Our Immune Systems are OVERWORKED! If we don't rid our body of this and other viruses, and Heal our Immune System, we will UNDOUBTABLY become more and more ALLERGIC, to food, chemicals, etc.!  Find a Doctor who practices Applied Kinesiologist (often a Chiropractor) Or one who uses a CEDS machine. They often will be able to pinpoint your specific sensitivities.  I learned to do AK myself. I also was Very inspired to go GLUTEN FREE! Which is one way to stop assaulting my immune system.
God Bless!
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Oh man, I thought I was the only one out there with a titanium dioxide allergy! It took me a year to figure out what exactly I was allergic to, but finally, after trying product after product, I realized it was titanium dioxide. Now I wear titanium dioxide free makeup, which I get here: http://www.**************.com/store/.

Anyway, I have to take Lexapro, Lamictal, and Trazodone daily. Every day I get really itchy, but my skin doesn't ever rash. It just itches a lot and gets really uncomfortable. At least one of those medications has titanium dioxide listed as an ingredient, is that what's causing my itchiness? And if so, how can I find some relief without having to stop taking these medications? PLEASE HELP
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   your doctor and dentist will definitly tell you it is not a titanium allergy as titanium is a non-allergic metal, therefore, closed case.  don't even think you will prove them wrong by having the offending metal removed and see a hundred percent improvement.  that just means you have changed up something else in your life that has made a difference.  my problems started with an over active thyroid, had it ablated (killed) and about two weeks later puffed up like a blow fish.  went back to doctor to ask about a diuretic as i knew my body was unable to deal with anything as the thyroid controls all of your bodily functions.  prior to the ablation i was diagnosed with high blood pressure, never had that before as i donated blood on a regular bases and they kept close track on that.  suddenly i had two dental implants(titanium) go bad.  they went sideways in my jaw and i developed a bacterial infection from the gap that developed from the shifting had them removed.  doctor and dentist claimed to have never seen this happen before.  i believe this was the start of my allergy to titanium dioxide.  it had actually been brewing in my body for years.  add cosmetics, sunscreen, deoderant, toothpaste,body lotion, fragrance, shampoo,conditioner,gum,breathmints,snackcakes,hair dye nail polish
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