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I recently started taking an all natural herbal pill with natural plant estrogens for menopausal support. .  I am experiencing meno-pausel symptoms and was told by friends that had taken this that it would help.  About the same time that I started these herbs which are ; wild yam, black cohosh root, red clover leaf, **** quai root,raspberry leaf,vitex,nettles, and a few others, I started having severe allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose, burning in my sinus passages, headaches, sore throat.  Could it be a reaction to these herbs, or is it just coincidental that I caught something at the same time.  Please help!!!
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It is possible that one of these ingredients are causing you problems. I have to wonder about the nettle. My own experience with the plant- to skin is OUCH!
If I were you, I would stop these and see if your symptoms stop along with them. I suppose then you could retry them and if your symptoms crop up again...you would definitely know, without a doubt, that these are the source of your recent symptoms.

I'm going to throw in my 2 cents worth about these things (natural medicine) and it is this: I am all for vitamins/minerals and herbal remedies BUT it is wise to apply caution with them. Research, research (!) before taking any new medication. Whether FDA approved, prescribed or not.

Sometimes I am under the impression that some people think "natural" herbs etc. are harmless. That because they are not prescriptions, they're safer. No.
Think about Foxglove, that pretty plant. Found in nature, in many places (including my neck of the woods) "All natural". This is the plant that we get Digitalis from. A powerful substance that interacts with the heart. It is used in medicine- Digitalis.
Man made (<--what substance is it derived from?) or not, much of these things work. The question is, how do they interact with our system?
Personally, I like to see research behind any "product". No, it doesn't require FDA approval but before I try it, I need to know everything I possibly can (solid research) and possible complications/interactions. I tend to stick with herbs that aren't known for negative effects. Or serious ones anyway.
It is wise to look at them as you would any other medication.

I would investigate each ingredient listed.
Also keep in mind that because it is not FDA regulated (which is both good and bad) that purity is not guaranteed. In other words, the "natural" medicine could be contaminated with other substances. Further, you may not be getting the amount listed.

My mom personally likes Life's Extensions. According to her and the research done, they are reputable. I don't know anything else about them.

If you are going to go the route of "natural", purchase your supplements from a reputable dealer. Standards are important and again, research!

If these things work, whether in one way or the other-you want to know everything you possibly can about it. It is, after all, your health-your life.

Take care,

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