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I seem to have a sinus allergy that is permanent. I have never had any perscriptions but have used over the counter sprays. I seem to always be plugged up in one side of my nose and I can tell because when I talk it seems muffled at times. This is very annoying and I am not sure what to use or whether I should go see a doctor again. I went one and was given nasal spray but did not help over a 2 week period. Please help so I can breath and talk like normal!
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Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type of asthma in the United States. Some of the same things that trigger allergies — pollen, dust, pet dander — also can trigger asthma attacks.
The most common asthma symptom is coughing, which is far less common in allergies. You need to see an allergy specialist to determine if you have asthma and what triggers your attacks.
Allergies cause your immune system to respond to a substance abnormally. They can produce severe reactions. Difficulty swallowing, problems breathing, swelled tongue, swelled throat and fainting is a few of the symptoms that allergies may cause.
Some practitioners may use a combination of Chinese herbal formulas along with your acupuncture treatment. The herbal formula is balanced so there is a low risk of side affects.

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Hi, the common cause for sinusitis is Deviated nasal septum (DNS). This condition leads to obstruction. This can lead to sinus infection, ear infection and headaches.

Other possibilities are laryngeal web, asthma, any structural abnormalities in the nasal passage such as nasal polyps, hypertrophied turbinates etc.

You need to undergo detailed examination of nose and radiography of the sinuses to rule out existing sinusitis.

The septoplasty or rhinoplasty for deviated nasal septum (DNS) will help you to relieve your symptoms. If sinusitis cannot be managed with medication; surgical drainage would be definitive therapy. I suggest you to consult ENT surgeon for further management. Take care and regards.

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