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allergy hives

I have been breaking out in hives in different parts of my body and they are itchy. I keep scratching them but I have recently tried hydrocortisone creme to relieve the itchy feeling. I have never had these welts before and they are pink in color and I have developed them in the back of my legs (upper thigh area), on the sides of my neck, upper arm, around the belly-button and on the tummy. What could these pink blotches be? They are incredibly itchy and annoying. They don't hurt so much as they itch - ALOT! Do you have any idea what they could be? They look like mosquito bites but its wintry and snowy outside and I havent seen one mosquito. The more I scratch them, the more pink they become; they also get a little bigger. This morning I got 2 more on my fingers.
Any ideas about what this skin problem can be?

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could you have bed bugs in your house? other then that - it sounds like an allergic reaction to something...have you started eating anything new? different? any ingrediants changed?  How about soaps and detergents?  I was highly allergic to my bar soap but, it wouldn't bother me until 3pmm or so when your body temps are at the highest and I'd be all itchy...have you tried Zyrtec?  It is now over the counter!!!!!  ((just became OTC 2-3 weeks ago!)) it does take a few days to build up in your system but, causes less drowsiness then beendryl would...if you need immediate reflied - try liquid benedyl and see if the hives subside... if you can't find bed bugs - and the Zyrtec or Benedryl won't work for you - you should see an allergist or biomeridian specialist
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What you describe is an allergic reaction. You should try some OTC antihistamine or antiallergic medications and see if they help.

Keep the areas clean, apply calamine lotion at the sites of the lesions.

If the lesions still persist after a few days consult an allergy specialist or physician for a proper clinical evaluation.

Let us know if you have any doubts and also keep us posted about how you are doing.

Good luck.
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