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I am allergic as i have frequent cold have tried
i medicines but it could not be cured and it is not seasonal i face it whole year all days . At first it neck starts
getting chocked and then severe cold . This is a cycle or a chain reaction advice me. Is it due to disturb stomach
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Several thoughts.

It is possible to have allergies all year long.  There are in door allergens that can be the problem.  Or you could be like me and experience year long "seasonal" allergies.  I am litterally allergy to some pollen in every month.  Many people don't realize that there are plants that pollenate in the winter months.  

Do want you can to avoid indoor allergens from pets, dust, and vermin (mice and cockroaches).  Keep pets out of your bedroom.  Clean frequently to minimize dust.  To reduce vermin exposure, clean you kitchen area well and keep all foods put securely away.

There are other possible causes as the doctor mentioned.  There are several types of non-allergic rhinitis to be evaluated for.  They are generally treated the same way though.

Another thought would be GERD.  Reflux can cause the same symptoms of allergies and is frequently miss diagnosed as asthma.  Be sure to discus this possibility with your doctor as well.

Take care and feel better.
God bless.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, this is not due to disturbed stomach. It typically suggests allergic rhinitis which is exaggerated or precipitated during cold season or timing. This condition is sometimes associated with asthma.

The triggering factors like dust, fog, pollens etc. can cause the precipitation of these symptoms. From your history it is clear that you are allergic to dust.

A careful nasal examination, Allergen-specific testing includes Skin testing, Serum tests for allergy, Allergen challenge and as well as Evaluation for concurrent conditions like Sinusitis and Asthma is necessary and it directs further steps for management.

You need to avoid the exposure by covering nose with a cloth, whenever you are exposed to dust.

It should be differentiated from vasomotor rhinitis and Atrophic rhinitis for which consult ENT specialist. Take care and regards.
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