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ihave a rash i have had for 4 months ,i have been given steriods 6 different times and they don't help i itch in the evenings and at night terrbly so bad that i bruse my legs i seen a dermatoligest and he saysits dry skin i am keeping          lotion on it but nothing helps  can you help me ,could it be a food allergy
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It could be Contact dermatitis.Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance (irritant or allergen). Reactions may vary in the same individual over time. A history of any type of allergies increases the risk for this condition.
Irritant dermatitis, the most common type of contact dermatitis, involves inflammation resulting from contact with acids, alkaline materials such as soaps and detergents, solvents, or other chemicals. The reaction usually resembles a burn.
The second most common type of contact dermatitis is caused by exposure to a material to which the person has become hypersensitive or allergic. The skin inflammation varies from mild irritation and redness to open sores, depending on the type of irritant, the body part affected, and the sensitivity of the individual.
Common allergens associated with contact dermatitis include:
Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac
Other plants
Nickel or other metals
Antibiotics, especially those applied to the surface of the skin (topical)
Topical anesthetics
Other medications
Fabrics and clothing.
Topical corticosteroid medications may reduce inflammation.You can take oral anti-histamines to control the itch.

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