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anaphylactic shock and bactrim - help

about 11 years ago i had an anaphylactic reaction to bactrim, which i had been prescribed for many years since becoming allergic to the cillans.  When i had the episode every single joint in my entire body hurt really bad....the e.r. doc bent my toes down and i thought i'd die!  that kind of pain, like my joints were crunchy and would break like a pencil or something. through the following years and even today i get pain in my joints that no one can explain. my gp sent me to a arthritis specialist and neither found more than mild normal arthritis for my age.  I have also taken meds for depression for years, zoloft being one.  after about 9 or 10 years the joint paint was worse and i was having bouts of complete exhaustion that would affect my daily routine.  I did some research and found others on zoloft having the same trouble.  i went off of the zoloft which has help considerably but i do still have joint pain that i just deal with as part of life and an occassional exhausted day.....  I am convinced this is some how tied to the episode of anyphilactic shock - ambulance, epi, hospital trip etc. - and how i felt then.  Is this possible?  I saw a post somewhere with someone who had a similar experience with bactrim....anyone else out there who has had this or ever been able to find out what it is or what it might be called to be able to research it?
thank you!
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