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aquagenic urticaria

I think my son had aquagenic urticaria for about a month or two in november. Any type of contact with water, hot, cold, sea water, bath water, with or without bath products, swimming pool water - all brought him out in huge welts all over his body - definitely not just torso.
I did also a food intolerance test on him - blood test type - and it came up with high intolerance to gluten, cow dairy, camel milk, almonds, sunflower seeds and slightly lower on yeast.
After following this new diet, he is ok, but breaks out when he eats much of what is on that 'forbidden' list.
the swimming season starts and I will be watching closely but so far, doesn't seem to be breaking out heavily.
he is 7 years old.

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Water urticaria, or aquagenic urticaria, is a rare condition in which hives develop within 1 to 15 minutes after contact with water. The hives last for 10 to 120 minutes and do not seem to be caused by histamine release like the other physical hives. Most investigators believe that this condition is actually exquisite skin sensitivity to additives in the water such as chlorine but distilled water can also cause this reaction.

Water urticaria is diagnosed by applying tap water and distilled water to the skin and observing the reaction.
Treatment of water urticaria includes epinephrine, antihistamines, or cortisone-like drugs. Itching can be controlled with cold packs or commercial topical agents that contain menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, aloe, antihistamines, or cortisone preparations. Also make your son wear a bracelet mentioning about his condition of water urticaria and food allergies.He should also avoid all the foods containing the ingredients to which he is allergic.He should also carry an epipen with him.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted.

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well interestingly, it developed after swimming in water that has on and off had industrial waste dumped in it and raw sewage. Which of course, we didn't know. I think this triggered everything.
thank-you for the reply.
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