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bad body odor anyone - help!

I need to get in touch with people who think that other people might be allergic to them or people who think/know they have bad body odor. Please email me: samantha.***@****
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This is a fascinating thread.  I've been struggling with this problem for 26 years, and I know that I give off a bad smell at times, even though I am scupulously clean, bath every day, wear clean clothes every day, wash my hear every day.  I used to smother myself with body spray and perfume, but that didn't help, didn't even mask the smell.  Like I say, for 26 years I've been wracking my brains, trying to find an answer.  What intrigues me now, reading this thread, is the 'energy' thing that someone mentioned.  There could be something in this and I'd love to hear others' experiences.  For instance, light bulbs blow all the time around me.  The radio gets so much interference that I've stopped listening to it.  Watches stop after I've worn them for just a few weeks.  I don't bother wearing a watch now.  Has anyone else noticed this type of thing?
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I am super clean too , but I sit in front of computer all day. That may make my body odor worst.
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Sitting in front of your computer makes it worse? Wow, are you sure? Maybe I'll try keep away from the computer too. Interesting...
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Saw on Tyra Banks show last night a very young teacher who now stays at home because her "odor" makes the children sick - doesn't want to go out of her house.  There was a name for this, and there is a "group" but I can't remember the name.  Maybe you could check to see if Tyra Banks has a web site and check the 2-19-07 info.  Her husband and child can't smell it but said the kids in class actually said her smell made their belly ache, and she can empty a whole room.  Don't know if this will help you or not.  
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It's called trimethylaminuria.  Very rare, diet changes may help because it is caused by the liver not processing food like fish or dairy properly. Controlled w/mostlyveg diet and nutritional supplements to neutralize odors. It has to be tested by urine sample. I saw it on inside edition w/deborah norville on 2/22/07. You can check out the website and there is a support group and dr listed at the bottom after you archive the show.  It may not be exactly what you have, but maybe some help with diet changes or something. Hope this helps out.
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Hi All,

I have some kind of rare disorder. People around 20-30ft away from me always cough because of me. I think some kind of odor or some thing else is causing this. My hands become dry and gets some bad odor and some times I get bad odor from my  scalp. I do bath twice a day and ware nice cloths.  If any one find any solution please let me know.

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