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bad body odor anyone - help!

I need to get in touch with people who think that other people might be allergic to them or people who think/know they have bad body odor. Please email me: samantha.***@****
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This is a fascinating thread.  I've been struggling with this problem for 26 years, and I know that I give off a bad smell at times, even though I am scupulously clean, bath every day, wear clean clothes every day, wash my hear every day.  I used to smother myself with body spray and perfume, but that didn't help, didn't even mask the smell.  Like I say, for 26 years I've been wracking my brains, trying to find an answer.  What intrigues me now, reading this thread, is the 'energy' thing that someone mentioned.  There could be something in this and I'd love to hear others' experiences.  For instance, light bulbs blow all the time around me.  The radio gets so much interference that I've stopped listening to it.  Watches stop after I've worn them for just a few weeks.  I don't bother wearing a watch now.  Has anyone else noticed this type of thing?
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I am super clean too , but I sit in front of computer all day. That may make my body odor worst.
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Sitting in front of your computer makes it worse? Wow, are you sure? Maybe I'll try keep away from the computer too. Interesting...
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Saw on Tyra Banks show last night a very young teacher who now stays at home because her "odor" makes the children sick - doesn't want to go out of her house.  There was a name for this, and there is a "group" but I can't remember the name.  Maybe you could check to see if Tyra Banks has a web site and check the 2-19-07 info.  Her husband and child can't smell it but said the kids in class actually said her smell made their belly ache, and she can empty a whole room.  Don't know if this will help you or not.  
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It's called trimethylaminuria.  Very rare, diet changes may help because it is caused by the liver not processing food like fish or dairy properly. Controlled w/mostlyveg diet and nutritional supplements to neutralize odors. It has to be tested by urine sample. I saw it on inside edition w/deborah norville on 2/22/07. You can check out the website and there is a support group and dr listed at the bottom after you archive the show.  It may not be exactly what you have, but maybe some help with diet changes or something. Hope this helps out.
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Hi All,

I have some kind of rare disorder. People around 20-30ft away from me always cough because of me. I think some kind of odor or some thing else is causing this. My hands become dry and gets some bad odor and some times I get bad odor from my  scalp. I do bath twice a day and ware nice cloths.  If any one find any solution please let me know.

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I have the same issue. People around me are always sneezing and coughing. Am I nuts? I bathe daily and wear my clothes only once before washing them. I have had this issue since in gradeschool. I can't smell anything but I know it is real!! I think people know it is coming from me as well. I have been dealing with this strange problem for 25 years but how do you tell someone about it?
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Hi embarrassedk21,

This is rosewood47, As you mention, I am exactly suffering same issue last 10 years. I know how you feel emotionally and mentally. I have seen so many doctors but no help. FINALLY FINALLY I guess I have found solution for this.

It is working for me after doing strict diet.

I have avoided completely.  

1. Eggs
2. Liver
3. Kidney
4. Peas
5. Beans
6. Peanuts
7. Soy products
8. Brassicas (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower)
9   Lecithin and lecithin-containing fish oil supplements
10. SALT (is the main one causing this issue I believe).
11. OIL

I am eating lot of vegs and fruits + 3 - 4 liters of water in a day.  

So basically what ever you eat don't use Direct SALT and oil. But make sure you get some salt/sodium by eating spinach or vegetables. Please PLease don't jump in all in one time day. Slowly change your diet. If you can, try to be vegetarian. Try for 2 weeks you will definitely see the difference.

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Hi All,

No more guessing.  I can confidently say it is 70% gone by stopping the SALT & Oil plus drinking water (1/2 to 1 Gal in a full day) and above mentioned list. I am strictly on natural fresh food. Remember this not for dieting so you can eat as much as you needed and make sure you eat balanced food required for our body.   Try for 2-4 weeks you will see the difference.  But as I said before you make sure you had natural food which contains sodium (veggies ) . NEVER stop complete sodium BUT STOP DIRECT SALT. Our body needs some sodium. If you have Low BP check with your doctor for alternative of sodium.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I have been suffering from this odor for the past 2 n half years. Recently I got breakthrough on this. I found this odor is due to heavy toxins in the body which are giving foul odor through pores. So I decided to detoxify whole body using a home made tea. Following is the recipe

Boil two quarts of water in the morning, and making a mix of one-half tablespoon whole coriander, one-quarter tablespoon of whole cumin, and one-half tablespoon of whole fennel. Place the mix into a tea ball, and suspend it in the water (which you have removed from the heat) for between ten and fifteen minutes, keeping it covered so the delicious flavor does not escape in the steam. Pour it into a container, and enjoy hot or cold throughout the day!

I took this before bed on night and next day odor was gone. I was so amazed and have been continuing this for the past 10 days now.

Reason for the buildup of toxins in the body might be due to some other problem like candida overgrowth. I visited many docs who after doing lot of blood and urine tests said everything is in your head. :).(Thought he could smell the odor, he could not diagnose anything).

Anyways, guys CANDIDA is the root culprit for many weird situations like this, because feces wont smell bad and even if they smell due to some conditions, our skin is not supposed to smell bad. So once you clearup yourself of candida and detoxify completely then you wont smell bad and infact smell fresh.

Though I am not a doc, I suffered enough to learn more than a doc in this kind.

Thank you.
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Btw, please discontinue detoxifying once you are sure you dont have anymore toxins. How can you tell if you detoxified completely?. Here are the things
1. You will experience little bit of signus congestion in the mornings
2. Mucus discharge will be there until your body gets rid of toxins.
3. After few days of doing this you will feel like reborn. Time to stop.
And by doing this detox you may experience detox symptoms like headache and nausea. So pls dont wry abt that. And also its important to balance your intestine with good bacteria. So taking probiotics is the key for fighting candida and odor.
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Hi Everybody here,

I dont know why people are telling about "energy" and "trimethylaminuria" for every single problems. Energy itself doesnt interfere with human body cells or bacteria etc. Its just stress that you put yourself in, which does all sorts of reactions and nasty things in the body. And trimethylaminuria is very rare condition with only just over 700 documented cases available world wide. Though I am not saying trimethylaminuria is not possible, its not common at all. Okay here is my theory on the odor.

Why do people smell bad if they dont take shower. Its due to chemicals which are excreted by the body. So the more toxins/chemicals they have in their body, the more/sooner they small bad. Its as simple as that. I could say this because I have been experimenting with my body for past 2 yrs.
I don't know how many of you tried detox, but most people here can get rid of this this odor problem once they do detox that I have told you. Its completely safe and effective. Please ask me for anything. Thank you.
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Ok everyone, here's the real deal.

-There are multiple reasons for human mal-odor that do not relate to hygiene, and are therefor... naturally uncontrollable.

-The majority of cases are similar to TMAU and Candida, in that they are a result of faulty organ systems in your body.

-HOWEVER, there is another category that is unheard of and is only investigated via the internet.

first off, the side effects are as follows(even immediately after showering, deoderant or no deoderant, antiperspirant or no antiperspirant):
1)all people near me will experience some type of allergic reaction. (sneezing, sniffling, coughing, snorting, hacking loogies, eyes watering, eyes itchy, earaches, etc...) the rate is about 9 out of 10 people.
2)i give off "fumes" through my pores (heat energy) that irritate even my own self after certain periods of digestion. The fumes have set off fire alarms at hotels, friends' houses, and my own home multiple times (ive removed fire alarms from my living areas).
3)with deoderant/antiperspirant and clean clothes, I DO NOT STINK, but i SMELL STRONG after sweating mildly. my sweat amplifies the fragrance 100 fold. it has been described to me as a sharp cologne smell that chokes.  
4)without deoderant/antiperspirant, my odor is unbearable to myself after 12 hours, a point where i smell like pure funk, (not fish or ammonia, JUST ULTRA CONCENTRATED HUMAN FUNK.)
5) my body is cut, my complextion attractive, I am a fraternity vice president, leader and date the hottest women. my parents are key religious people in my state. my iq is above 130 and i am the most well-learned esoteric researcher amongst my peers, yet i am unable to surpass my peak of social life/work/school due to the fact that my "condition" literally keeps me from becoming a supersuccess.
6) I slowly developed this "condition" long after puberty (college) as a 2nd puberty. Friends have told me that over the years Ive gotten a stronger scent that is very noticeable but the same scent. after my 4th year in college, my scent stayed the same strength, which is unbearable at best.
7) If I am careful with hygiene, I have a 100 percent success rate with women and many comment that my scent is intoxicating. Ive had drunk women tell me that my smell turns them on for some reason...(im like, "wtf?") but ive noticed that i am actually an alpha male(not tryin to brag...its just so ironic) and i get women in the heat of socializing at parties/clubs/etc...BUT I CANT GO ON DATES OR SIT INDOORS WITH A GROUP OF FEMALES, my stench will push them away if the environment is "artificial." I believe it relates to pheromones and race related scents for natural selective breeding.
8)WHEN IM AT MY WORST... I can clear a room at times, render an airplane full of complaints and sick people.. some whom throw up, i can cause a fire alarm in my college during class just by sitting in the right spot, i can make a swimming pool smell like me, my neighbors hate it when i work out in my garage because the entire block smells like old spice or whatever scent i wear that day.
9)I am of mixed heritage, I BELIEVE THIS IS THE X FACTOR. I am half far eastern (fuxi lineage) and half middle eastern (shem lineage). the terms of today would equate to asian-arab or oriental-semitic, and more specifically korean-iraqi.
10) ultimately, its groups, public areas or males that resist the odor... close friends do not feel "threatened" nor do women when they are alone with me. its only taboo in public and amongst what i call "artificial society." kind of like the hint of a woman's cooch mixed with her perfume.(thats the closest i can relate it to a females perspective..)

Note: I did find out the reasoning behind my "condition." and i am proud of the reason. I will not share it with you all because i do not believe any of you suffer from mal-odor the way i do. I have seen countless doctors, dermatologists and therapists... but they all respond to me as if i was a mutant straight out of the pages of an x-men comic book.

if you think you have similar issues, im all ears. only reason i am replying is to let you know that i know the "energy" thing some of you are talking about, and you might have a mild derivative of what I have.  I understand allergies to natural scent... i just want to know your elasticities/genders and such, and I also need to find some more people similar to my dna.(half asian, half arab) that experience certain "unexplainable human traits."

thanks in advance,
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ha, i meant ETHNICITIES, not "elasticities"
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HI All,

I am so happy now. My problem is slowing going away (90% gone now). After following nature balanced food (most of the time uncooked no added salt) vegetarian. I have seen best results on my case which I suffered more than 6 years about these bad odor issue. Here is my explanation/research. Our body is made with millions of cell. Basically cells are made with potassium (inside) and covered with small amount of sodium.  Once we started eating added salt food. The cells are covered with more sodium than it required, because of that it is not able to do normal duty, it will become dead cell. If we drink more water, our body will sent out these dead cell through urine but most of the people don't drink enough water , that is reason our body sent out as a sweat that is only way it can clean up the waste, and you know what waste smells. At same time we loosing our body capacity to finish body jobs.  Our body is designed for natural food and we smart people started eating all kind of junk and meat, the body doesn't know what do with that junk food. Just imagine if don't have Knife and salt, are we able to eat meat like Lion and Dog? Any comments are welcome.

793180 tn?1379796260

I am happy for you and I also agree with what you say, except for few things. Actually If your theory is taken into consideration then it should happen with most of the population, because nobody in this world drinks amounts of water needed for the body to get rid of the waste as you say. And also based on your theory, if a person drinks more water on a particular day then the odor should go away for that day. Shouldn't it?. But I don't think here anybody has success with water. And changing diet is just preparing your body to stick to only particular types of foods, eventually if you go out your food list even for a single day bingo!!. I think you are not solving the root problem from which these weird problems have started.

Guys if you are suffering from body odor then please test for heavy metal toxicity in the body. It causes chaos in the body and allows all the other infections live for ever.

You believe it or not I am cured from this odor problem without any treatment and in fact am feeling vibrant in years. I am able to eat anything I want. I cant believe I got my life back. I have suffered like hell and almost killed myself.

I can help you all any time if you want to get rid of this f**king problem...
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Hi All,

Thank you for understanding my theory. I am not arguing you but I want explain more about this.

you said.
>>>>If a person drinks more water on a particular day then the odor should go away for that day. Shouldn't it?. But I don't think here anybody has success with water. <<<

One thing we need to understand is we already filled up with all kind of toxic junk for some many years. First we need to clean up that junk. It will take some time to clean up. Drinking water in one day will not help any thing. Noting will be done in one day or overnight.

You to have take proper nature food for certain period of time, that way new cells will born, old bad cells will be out and our system will come into good health. If any fungi comes in our body, we will have power to fight and it fix it automatically. That is how our body is designed.

We are not eating what ever food designed for us. There is no studies proves that Tiger or elephant got sugar or heart attack. Because they eat only the food designed for them. Not like us.

I still believe to begin with we started eating all kind of unwanted food for tong (these tasty food is only for our tong not for our body) which cause all kind of these problems. Once we started eating nature balanced food with water and proper exercise we can fix most of our common problems. Trust me I am not against with modern medicine or technology we do need all those.

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you said that you have allmost cured by your diet...Could you give me a diet to follow.Did you have the allergic reactions?i have them,and i have had them like 5-6 years now.I have trained bodybuilding the whole time and eated so much different kind of meat,eggs,milk,etc...if i try your diet,can i eat protein anymore?i would be so thankful if you could give a diet program to follow..?:)i have noticed than when ever im  stressed in social situation,the allergic reactions are getting worse and so is my odor.Sweating and beeing nervous makes it worse..
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I will write up and send you one.

Yes, Sprouts, Tofu, Lentils, Grains contains more protein than meat.

Sprouts which contain lots of protein. Please Google it you will see it.

This is just my research tells me. I am not against any ones opinion or thinking .  

Seeds are the one never dies. If you add water it will become plant/tree. Even tree may die one day, but only seeds contain Life for longer time.  
We always have misconception that we will only get protein from meat that is how every one told us before. But that is not true. We are eating animals which are vegetarians (most of them). We don’t eat animal meat which eats other animal except Big fish.  Just re-think animals are getting protein from either grass or seeds powder not by eating other Animals.

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Do you ever get weak from not having any meat?  Do you take vitamins or any nutrient supplements?  Why are our bodies all of a sudden NOW having these problems?  I used to be able to digest everything with no problem, but now something has changed....
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No, I never ever get weak not having any meat. As I told it is only misconception that we only get protein. I do agree it contains lot's of protein but we have to be careful by eating because that is not our body wanted. There are some side effects by eating meat.
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Hi rosewood47-- Look.... did you get the concept of eliminating salt and oil from Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his book "Eat to Live"?  He says the same thing.  Was just wondering where you got this and has it been studied before....  Thanks for response.
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No, No, I am doing research on Naturopathy.  It is great Medical process which we can cure or prevent most of the our common problems in Nature cure way. And also I am studying how other species are living without any health issues. I am studying how people are living in forest's ( That is where we came right :P )  and Himalayas. It is working on me so that is reason I am believing on it.  
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Thanks for responding.  I too have been fascinated by the concept of Naturopathy off and on.  It doesn't hurt to explore different avenues while we try to seek better health. I like how Native Americans used to live and heal themselves.  Unfortunately, the herbs and foods that used to be so healing and nutritious are no longer as beneficial because the soil and air and weather aren't like what they once were.  

Good luck to you in your studies.  I look forward to reading your book one day.(smile)
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