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My mom has recently been infected with Chikungunya.  She had fever, swelling of joints,...  After a week or so, she recovered.  But shortly after that, her feet have become swollen.  I've researched online, but swollen feet does not seem to be an after-effect of Chikungunya.  Would you have any advice?

Thank you
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I don't have an answer for this, but try posting it on the symptoms forum instead. A lot more people answer there.
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Chikungunya is an Alphavirus contracted when bitten by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.  It begins with a high fever, headaches, and progresses to arthritis that can sometimes be debilitating.  The joints most often affected are the spine and fingers leading to a stooped posture and severe pain, especially in the mornings.  Swelling of the fingers, toes, and foot are sometimes seen, although uncommon. The good news is that the condition is self-limiting and rarely more that a nuisance.  Mom will recover in time.  There is no treatment for this as it is a virus.  Palative treatment is given for the symptoms with anti-inflammatories and pain meds. A rather nasty virus. If you wish to find out more, look up "Alphavirus" and then the type.  Good luck.
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Hello starqueen,,

I want to first of all thank you so much for the information you provided me.  It relieved my mom's worries.  Thank you so much.  I was just wondering if you would have any suggestions for any medicine to alleviate the swelling?

Thank you again.  I really appreciate it.

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To alleviate swelling in feet, you can chill them by putting them in cool or cold water.  You can put the feet up, preferably above the level of the heart.  Lay on the sofa and raise the feet above the level of the chest. Avoid getting the feet hot or warm.  The rule of thumb is that heat brings blood and fluid into the foot, cold shuts it out. When you can, go bare footed or wear white socks instead of colored ones.  You can also check with the doctor for a prescription med that will help.  Good luck
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Chikungunya has affected thousands in southern parts of India.The symptoms start with sudden onset of high fever severe bodyache and joints pain. Infact joints stiffen up and the patient is unable to make any movements.Simply bearing the pain is excruciating and patients need to be given glucose and saline through intrvenous routes.2-3 days later patients complain of redness and rash with severe itching and swelling of joints.The symptoms last for about aweek and if unheeded there have been cases of relapse and later on the patient may develop arthritis.
  Ithink allopathic medicines are unable to control the disease and ayurveda should be looked up to.Ayurvedic practitioners please come up with solutions. This is your big chance to prove your mettle!
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Allopathic medicines are definitely unable to control the disease. However they will relieve the pain temporarily. Though the virus is active for few weeks, the traces or residue left behind  in the patients body keeps creating hyper allergic conditions.  The body deposits the residue virus in the joints and the immune system starts attacking the joints. thats why the pain. The Allopathic medicines will temporarily weaken the immune system to stop symptoms showing up. Pain killers will be given to stop the pain. But its all temporary.  Cloroqunine will ease the pain too but dangerouse to the body.

Aches and pain and hyper allergic reaction will last for months may be years. Be careful as this prolonged period will slowly damage the   other internal organs and lead to critical illnesses which will not be linked to chikungunea by the Allopathic doctors. Some patients will develop kidney problems, liver, and some times the lungs. The body tries to throw out the residue virus through kidneys, liver or lungs. Once the organ is overloaded the complications some. Then doctors try to treat those individual symptoms but not the cause.    

Eat and drink only food which will not create allergies. High protein in take is essential as the virus destroys protein process of th genes. Always be vigilant for kidney, liver and lung problems in the long run. Drink a lot of water always.

Good luck to all those who have got Chikungunea and may the be all well.  
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This is all very helpful to me - I've just come back from Borneo and have chikungunya.
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i have severe itching due to chikungunia...what can I use please help, I am going insane..cant sleep
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I feel the same, I rub baby oil on because it has aloe Vera and I take quick cold showers for relief but they don't last long.  Sometimes I put ice in a washcloth and rub onto the itchy areas as well.
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I am now in week 7 of ChikV with no let up of pain or swelling. My feet look like grapefruit and my fingers and hands are so painful, I cannot use toilet paper effectively. I was given prednisone for 3 days but made no difference. I was also given 800mg ibuprofen twice daily but it made me ill. Now using paracetamol but nothing is reducing the swelling in feet. I have friends who are into week 13 of ChikV and another friend who had the virus and then was fine. Two months later she was admitted to hospital with temporary paralysis of right side and acute swelling. I can tolerate the joint pain but the foot and ankle swelling is unbearable and I cannot wear shoes.
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If you live in tropics and have access to a guava tree, guava leaves will help with the itch. When I had shingles the doctor recommended to boil 6 or 7 guava leaves in about 2 cups of water til water turns brown. Remove leaves and cool. Apply with cotton balls to itchy areas. I did this with ChikV rash and it worked a treat. I c.always keep a small container of liquid in fridge  for any itch coming from mozzie bites, chikV etc
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