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cold allergies!?!!

I apologize in advance for this long question but i feel like i should really add all my details. Thanks for your time!! I have been having this cold allergy since maybe 4th grade. I used to get sent home everytime I got them because the "nurse" would say that it might be contagious.The doctor described it as a "CHRONIC ALLERGY" and never actually paid much attention to it saying it was nothing big,she recommended claritin. Claritin works great but I can't take it to often because I guess my body because immune to it so it sometimes does not work. Ok, so I get red dots which depending on how cold i am could turn into red patches usually it does not even have to be cold just with the wind blowing and it brushes my skin or if i change temperatures for example if im in the parking lot of a grocery store once i go in the store i start breaking out really really bad I avoid shorts because it is embarrassing when people stare when out in public places .Over the years ive gotten used to it and so have my surroundings when i go over to peoples houses they try to turn off their a/c or offer a blanket etc. ,  ive learned to keep a small blanket with me at all times and usually within 10 minutes of wrapping myself with it the rash disappears. ok but my biggest problem with this dumb rash is EXERCISING!! Even if I take Claritin a couple hours before the workout or when they appear once my body starts to sweat I start getting the same rash but it is really bothersome, it stings burns itches everything you can think of especially around my bust area I have no choice but to stop I have tried to avoid it but no luck! If anybody could please help with this problem of mine I would really appreciate it
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Good grief! That sounds like a lot to deal with at your age. Do you have good health insurance? Because you really should go to a GOOD allergist, and if they can't help, go to another one until you get some answers. Maybe you do "just" have chronic allergies, but there has to be better treatment than going to the drug store and getting claratin! If you do NOT have health insurance, save up and go to an allergist. Tell them that you have no insurance, and hopefully they will work with you to get you into a better place. Good luck.
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Hey mrsmoodyperfect.
Welcome to the forum.

The following is from a previous post of mine to a mother and her son, that both suffered from aquagenous urticaria. (In your case your condition is cold ulticaria)

"There seems to be a fault in your immune systems that is incorrectly responding to any contact with water. Theoretically in order to delete this faulty program one must re-balance
the body's Energy system. This restores the immune system to respond normally again.
Try the protocol  I gave to "mariyamary" on the 27th. of Dec. Follow it step by step for relief/treatment.
The "hereditary thing" applies mainly to cold urticaria in some cases.
I don't know. maybe you share something in your  genes that predisposes both of you to this, under given similar conditions.
I intuit that the original reaction is not to water but to"something" in the water. Perhaps chlorine or other additive. The body registers the co-relation in memory after a number of exposures to that water. Consequently the immune system responds the same to any body of water, irregardless of the presence or not of the original offensive  substance.
Besides the protocol I suggested earlier here, capsaicin in a cool organic lotion base would be of help.
Please post again if this persists, or if you need more info.
Blessings to you and family"

  Have you considered to seek out an Energy Medicine Therapist or Practitioner?
  Urticarias in general are energy based conditions. The immune system responds incorrectly to a particular code - in your case when exposed to cold - resulting in
all those symptoms that you described. To restore this  you may need to get your energy field re-balanced.
Just do a search though, for your area.
I do practice Energy medicine in Canada -  various modalities including Allergy Elimination- and with very good results. (Also you may want to check *Allergy Antidotes or **NAET
trained Doctors or Practitioners)
Please post again should you have any questions or to give update.

Hope this helps, however, do your own research or check with your health care Professional, before making any decisions regarding your health.


*Allergy Elimination Therapy by  Sandi Radomski N.D.( I use this method)
**Dr. Nambudripat's Allergy Elimination Techniques. (similar approach)

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