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cold urticaria anyone

I was diagnosed with cold urticaria seven years ago.  I would like to get to know people who has the same allergie.
I have no hives, only swelling of the mouth, coughing and choking if exposed to cold air, air condition, fridge, freezer, drinking cold drinks, etc.  I have to use gloves to touch anyting cold  otherwise my fingers will swell and get very red, or have broken blod vessels as a results. No medication is working, avoidance is the answer.
Maybe someone out there have the magic answer?
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Hi, I have water urticaria, and its very hard not to get in touch with water, Prednisone work for me but not 100%, right now Im on IVIg treatment and it works for me... I have tried so many meds, like Reactine, Cyclosporin, Dapsone, Zantac and many more, right now I have a better quality of life :) Maybe Prednisone would work for you????
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It is true that cold urticaria has little treatment and avoidance is the best treatment option. Fatalities following swimming have been reported and those affected should be warned that swimming or having a cold bath could be dangerous.

Treatment is avoiding exposure to cold stimuli, including swimming or bathing in cold water. You can take antihistaminics like zyrtec or tegamet. You should enroll with Medic Alert and always carry Epi pen (injectable adrenaline) along with you.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Thank you for your reply.  This is 100 % true about my allergie, at least this is what my specialist told me, also i did a lot of reserch on Google and in the hospital library.
I tried all the medications on the shelf plus prescription drugs, no change.
I wear the Medic Alert and carry an Epi pen.
It would have been helpful emotionally to get in touch with someone with the same problem.    Again thank you Doctor and if you hear from anyone with the same problem please send them my way.
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If you wish to contact me about your allergie you can write to me on my email since you are the closest to my allergie that i know of and maybe i can help you with all I learned over the years.    ***@****
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Hey Kiskovi.
Don't give up yet.
The following is from a previous post of mine to a mother and her son, that both suffered from aquagenous urticaria.

"There seems to be a fault in your immune systems that is incorrectly responding to any contact with water. Theoretically in order to delete this faulty program one must re-balance
the body's Energy system. This restores the immune system to respond normally again.
Try the protocol  I gave to "mariyamary" on the 27th. of Dec. Follow it step by step for relief/treatment.
The "hereditary thing" applies mainly to cold urticaria. I don't know. maybe you share something in your  genes that predisposes both of you to this, under given similar conditions.
I intuit that the original reaction is not to water but to"something" in the water. Perhaps chlorine or other additive. The body registers the co-relation in memory after a number of exposures to that water. Consequently the immune system responds the same to any body of water, irregardless of the presence or not of the original offensive  substance.
Besides the protocol I suggested earlier here, capsaicin in a cool organic lotion base would be of help.
Please post again if this persists, or if you need more info.
Blessings to you and family"

  Have you considered to seek out an Energy Medicine Therapist or Practitioner?
  Urticarias in general are energy based conditions. The immune system responds incorrectly to a particular code - in your case when exposed to cold - resulting in
all those symptoms that you described. To restore this  you may need to get your energy field re-balanced.
As I have no idea where you live, I cannot advise you as of where to go for this. Just do a search though, for your area.
I do practice Energy medicine in Canada -  various modalities including Allergy Elimination- and with very good results.

Hope this helps, however, do your own research or check with your health care Professional, before making any decisions regarding your health.


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Hello my name is Angela and I'm 43 years old.  I just got diagnose with Cold Urticaria, on November 19 2012.  It has change my life style for ever, and I'm having a hard time dealing with it.  A lot of people don't know or understand about this condition.  I'm having problems at work, and I can't do a 99% of the things I use love to do.  I'm having a meeting with the administrator to see if they can accomadate me.  It's been so hard and I would like to know how other people deal with it.  Do you know of any BLOG, it will help me to understand more people like me. I also can't find the protocal you send to someone here with the same problem, on Dec 27.  Can you send it to me if you can.  angela.***@**** Thank you.  I live in Portland Oregon and I would like to find a specialist who just specialist's only in this condition.  Thankn you.
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Hey Angela.
Welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry to see that your life has been disrupted so much!
The protocol that you couldn't find from the post I mentioned
is called Spinal Release Procedure.
It is a method used in Energy Medicine for efficient elimination
of adverse reactions, sensitivities and allergies, to substances and conditions, that may not be offensive to most people necessarily, yet the immune system -out of the blue, for unknown reasons, which do not matter
for your purposes at this time- treats them as offensive!
Cannot submit long posts! MH technical glitch.

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"Spinal Release Procedure".
Make sure you're well hydrated.  
1. Connect mentally with your issue.
2. Get someone to tap- with some pressure, but not to hurt- on either side of spine, using knuckles( using middle finger knuckles of fist) about 1/2" - 1" left and right of the spine.
From C7 -bump on neck- all the way down to the tail bone.
While tapping fast on the back, on each up and down cycle , have the patient (you)
a) breathe in- holding breath
b) breath out - refrain from breathing
c) hyperventilate- fast shallow breathing
d) relaxed normal breathing
e) eyes circle clockwise(without moving your head)
f) eyes circle counterclockwise
g) close eyes
h) eyes closed, eyes circle clockwise
i) eyes closed, eyes circle counterclockwise
Note: Each action is one up and down cycle.

I usually repeat this procedure 2-3 times. And again the following few days  if needed.
Try to stay connected to your problem ( in your case it should be easy since your experiencing it at the present time)

Enhancement: To amplify its effectiveness, you may want to
a. download for free the EFT manual (Emotional Freedom Techniques) learn how to do the tapping. It works a bit like acupuncture. It's easy to learn and to apply at the basic level.
b. Once you practice a bit, then you can do the tapping from the front, while your partner is doing the Spinal Release on your back.
I suggest that you print the instructions and keep them handy for the application.

Should you have any questions please message me directly.
I'll try to respond within a day or two. Your email address does not show on the posts, as it is the posts are all for public viewing.
It is up to you if want to include it in the message to me.
I may have extra information for you. There are more things that can be done. So keep in touch. I'll do my best to help you!

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My 20- year old daughter is suffering form cold urticaria.
(along with some gastro-intestinal problems)
I am not sure what is the best way to connect with you but I would so very much appreciate if we can somehow connect directly with you and consult.
I am so desperate for her and it is affecting her life so much and we need help.
She has been treated homeopathically and with other alternative remedies but so far no big changes.
My name is Scarlett
I am  not sure how it works, how I can leave my contact here...
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Hi Scarlett
Send me a private message.
When you move the cursor over my name, a box opens and at the upper
right side  just click on "send a message" and that's it.
It allows for private communication between 2 members.
"Talk" to you soon!
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