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cronic cough

My friend has a cronic cough that drives everyone crazy. She has been to the doctor they give her medicine for allergies and for cough, but it does not help. At church people will get up and move if they sit around her. i AM WORRIED there must be something else wrong. She has never smoked and she doesn't drink. She was like this last year to, but she is coughing so much and so hard. No medicine for allergies or cough has helped her yet. What do you suggest?
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It could be acid reflux disease. Chronic cough is a side effect of GERD (gastro esophogeal reflux disease). I would suggest she sees a pulmonologist though to get a full respiratory check up.
Hope that helps.
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I know of two people who have a chronic cough that is a nervous cough.  It is a habit more than anything else.  Both have been given anti anxiety meds. for it.  May not be this, but may be worth looking into.
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Tickle in your throat, as a result a cough you can't get rid of?

Hear Ye , Hear Ye!
I found what was the cause. Please pass to all concerned, I have been sick with this tickle in my throat for about 2 years now.   Did all the Throat and Lung Biopsies, Thank God is all negative.  Changed high blood pressure medicin.  Yet, that annoying cough and or tickle did not go away. Did stomache Acid Flux Biobsy and still nothing.   Doctors do not have a clue why many people are getting this tickle... took inhalers still nothing. I am fine until I start talking, only then , the throat tickles and I cough. pretty weird.    Took herbal medicins and not changes, Honey, Garlic. etc.. Well Folks, Guess what.  The cause was a freaking FAN!   for 2 years I slept under a FAN.   Never caught a cold!  thats why it never dawned on me.  Remedy, take coricidin for a few days and do not sleep under a fan or in a direction of wind.  this tickle will go away within a week or so.  Happy ending after 2 years. till your doctors to ask their patients if they sleep under a fan.. :O)from freepctoo.com
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I just read that someone found out why he was having cronic coughing and tickling in his throat. I too have the same problem. My doctor has tried everything. Z-packs, inhalers, and changing my high blood pressure meds. I sleep under a fan. Not for me for my dog. I will turn the fan off and see if it helps. I will let you know if did any good.
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i had a persistant annoying cough a few years ago - developed chest pains from the coughing. ended up being the result of a post nasal drip. wasn't seasonal and wasn't pollen. turned out to be sensitivity to salicylates which are asprin like chemicals in fruits and vegetables and some food additives and preservatives (benzoates etc). I had identified some foods as probelmatic for me - most obvious was corn which has some salicylate in it. there are some pages out there with the miligrams of salicylate per 100 grams of the food. Ginger has lots. Just about every food item on the list had given me some problem from barely noticable to misery. Ginger is high on the list and I love it but it does me no favours. Since avoiding these I have been able to breathe normally and the respiritory mucous has come right down. I used not to be able to sleep until about 2am becuase my dinners were makeing it run like a tap - I'd awaken with a shock not breathing because the mucous had gone down my airways. Now I can live normally as long as I watch what I eat. The next step is to see if I am allergic to aspirin. I seem to have a reaction to about 0.1 milligrams of salicylate and an asprirn tab might be 300 mg so I had better find out if it's gonna be a problem taking it.
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Did you have any sinus issues during this coughing period????  Also was it a tickle or a scrathy feeling??
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blood pressure medicines can cause cough too!
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I can sympathise with you all that have this nagging cough. I had a cold virus in mid December and was feeling much better by New Years, but this itchy throat and cough started up and won't stop. I'm on line trying to find if anyone else has found a solution. It doesn't seem to start until late afternoon and is worst during the night. Most nights I just sleep in the lounge chair. I usually take a dose of NyQuil and gargle with saline and then have my lozenges ready when I have an attack. I am so tired all the time because I don't really get any sleep and either does my husband. I don't sleep under a fan, so that can be ruled out. I feel an itch way deep in my throat just before I start gagging and while the coughing is going on my nose fills up and I have to blow my nose. I can be perfectly fine one minute and having an attack the next.
I am willing to try almost anything that has worked for others, so please let me know what has worked for you. I just don't want to go on antibiotics if I don't have to. I have had alergic reactions from a lot of them. I am trying Red Clover, but just started on it, so I don't see any change yet. Hope you can help. Thanks
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i have had this cough for over 5 years now it come and goes and strikes without warning
it keeps me up and NOTHING works!
but,,,,, last night I turned fan off (per another post here) and it was hot in my room - with the heat I realized no coughing!! well at least a lot less
I will try and stay warm/hot tonight and see if it works again
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