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dry mouth

hey guys this past tuesday my mouth started to be dry...
Coincedentially this past tuesday it iced and it's been snowing..
are the two related?
The night before I had gone for a run too.
Is dry mouth a seasonal thing?
Also, my lips are cracked too.
and it's weird cause I'm inside mostly..
And no I don't think I'm dehyrdated...
my urine is pretty light yellow cause I've been drinking lots of water.
I had a blood test last week and it came back normal (did not get tested for dehydration)
The only thing is the last two weeks I have been taking a Jay Robb protein powder supplement (good quality)
any feed back help is appreciated thanks guys
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and no I don't have hiv (still virgin no sexual contact)
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and no diabetes...
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I would discontinue the protein powder for now. If it is whey protein isolate there's a chance that your body does't recognize it as regular protein. And therefore it might be treated as offensive. You can do Dr. Coca's Pulse Test for allergies and sensitivities. It's a free download, takes a week to complete. Excellent diagnostic tool!
Indoor enviroments in the winter tend to be dry. Use a humidifier. Drink water throughout the day in small quantities but 1h away from meals. Avoid sodas, alcohol and caffeine -a little is ok
Do oil pulling with extra virgin coconut oil every morning before breakfast. Your mouth, gums and teeth will be eternally grateful! Check it out.
Protect your lips from the cold air. Use only  organic products.
Are you perhaps of Japanese origin? I have many Japanese friends!

Post again for more info or to give update.

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thanks for your response
yeah I'm half japanese.

I'm stopping that stuff.
I don't drink sodas,alchohol, or caffeine...
yeah alot of people have said something about humidifiers...
and we do use mostly organic products/foods

thanks man I appreciate it
and I'll post an update in a few days.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the possibilities of dry mouth are inadequate water intake, anxiety, hot climate etc. Other important causes are Sjögren's syndrome, Amyloidosis, Sarcoidosis, HIV infection (unlikely) and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.

You need to under go investigations like blood sugar, salivary mucin content, HIV ELIZA, chest radiograph to rule out the causes. Maintain good oral hygiene. Drugs like Pilocarpine or Cevimeline, which prevents dry mouth, should only be taken after consultation from physician. Take care and regards.
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but..I don't have diabetes
I had a blood test last week and it came out a-ok.
It seems to be getting better.
'...and I've been drinking lots.

I'm gonna see how it plays out over the weekend.
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