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dust allergy: corded vs cordless vacuum for the mattress

are handheld cordless vacuums good enough for vacuuming dust mites and their feces from the mattress?
I've done intensive research on what kind of vacuum would be powerful enough for the job, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on that. due to budget constraints, I have to consider handheld vacuums that have significantly less suction power than the corded vacuums.
plz help and thank you

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Anything you can do is fine, and using a handheld is MUCH easier than a corded vac. Handhelds might not be as powerful, but every little bit helps.

Have you considered a mattress cover?



If you just use your regular vac on it a couple times over, then put your mattress in an allergy cover, you should be good to go. You can remove the allergy cover for washing, which is a lot easier than trying to clean the mattress. You can get a decent allergy cover for under $50 USD, depending on the size of the bed.
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thank you! so corded vacuums (which are more powerful) are more efficient in vacuuming the dust mites?
I don't think it matters, honestly. I think whatever is easier and allows you to actually DO it is best.

I have an allergy cover on my mattress, too. I've never vacuumed my mattress for dust mites, just always covered it. Since you haven't covered it, I'd go with auntiejess's suggestion, and just vacuum it, then cover it. That's more economical than buying a new vacuum, I'd think.

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