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My eyes constantly bother me, I sneeze some, and nasel congestion. Eye doctors find no reason for it. Is this allergies?
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It could be allergies, although an good eye doctor should be able to diagnose eye allergy symptoms.  Did you see an opthamologist or an optometrist?  An opthamologist is a medical doctor specializing in the eye.  An optometrist only does vision testing for glasses.  

I find using contact saline solution as an eye wash and an antihistamine eye drop are very helpful.  I like Zaditor for my eye drop and use an antique eye wash cup to wash my eyes twice daily.

I hope that helps.
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It can be due to allergic rhinitis. It is caused by airborne particles of dust, dander, or plant pollens in people who are allergic to these substances.

When a person with allergies breathes in an allergen such as pollen or dust, antibodies are produced. When the antibodies are stimulated by pollen and dust, histamine and other chemicals are released. This causes itching, swelling and mucus production.

Please contact an allergic specialist and get skin tests like skin ***** test done. In this a small amount of allergen is introduced into the skin of the forearm and the reaction of the skin is noted. If there is any redness then that person is allergic to the allergen introduced.

You can also get blood tests like RAST done.
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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