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fatigue, sore aching legs, headaches

I have gone to a few doctors who have never been able to give an answer for whats wrong - I am desperate for suggesstions.
Heres my situation - two years ago when i was 27 I developed a serious sinus infection-type condition, and a headache that didnt go away for a week, which led to a migraine. Then the muscle aches started.  My hands and feet and knees dramatically swelled up. It became so bad that I couldn't walk properly for weeks. I became extremely fatigued even falling asleep out and at work. Eventually that improved but I was left with chronic sinus infections and had four chest infections within 6 months. I had a blood test for EBV and arthritis and results came back negative. Since this time 2 years ago I have not felt like the person I used to be. I get chronic sinus/chest infections. I have painfully aching legs and hips almost all the time. My energy levels have diminished and after a full week of work I am absolutely exhausted when i used to feel a bit tired friday but full of energy on the weekend. I go for walks sometimes but some days my legs ache terribly. I feel Ive aged so much in two years. Drs tell me nothings wrong but I am sure something is going on. I will add I am lactose intolerant and dont consume any lactose. I moved from hot to cool climate as I thought that was the cause of this but it wasn't. Please if you have any ideas or thoughts let me know.
thanks for any help
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Has anyone ever checked your thyroid, vit d levels, and gluten antibodies? I developed celiacs after a virus since you are ready have some autoimmune issues gluten should not be ruled out. If they did check your vit d levels and thyroid did they give you the actual results or -- it is in range. My doctor likes vit d levels around 50-60 but labs say you are in range at 30. Also if you had thyroid did they check more than your TSH? When checking thyroid tests also need to be done for Free T4, Free T3, and and thyroid antibodies.

I forgot to mention the gluten antibody blood test is not that sensitive and the gold standard is still the upper endoscopy. (This has missed a few cases) The best way to tell is to just go off gluten and see how you feel. Celiacs messes with more than digestive symptoms-- it affects the whole body.

I hope you get answers,
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It could be an allergic reaction to something...but it's hard to say.
I went through the first 38 years of my life suffering with nasty sinus/lung infections...twice a year. Was in seeing my heart specialist one time and he finally figured it out...I'm allergic to snow molds...and that's why none of the antibiotics, cough syrups, etc worked.
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Check out online the spraying they are doing the chem trails in a lot of countries are making people sick, the soil and ground water has been tested here in California and we know that alluminium bioxin and other heavy metal toxins are being sprayed into the air/sky if you look up you will see many chem trails .You can get information about your area online .I have had sinusitis and sore itchy eyes and most of the symptoms you describe .Many governments round the world have this program going ..its called 'Project Cloverleaf' good luck ..
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Thank you, I will be seeing my doctor and asking to test these levels. I have a family history of thyroid problems. I have noticed sometimes labs will say levels are ok but they are actually low or higher than they should be (i have high cholesterol) and can account for problems. I hope maybe a blood test to check thyroid, vid D and gluten antibodies like you suggest will give me some answers
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I lived in a house which i belived to have mold in the walls, I moved out because I thought it might be contributing to my chest infections. Doc thought not but since i moved out I havent had a chest infection and only one throat infection but I have had the other symptoms. Been worthwhile though just to get a break from chest infections.
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