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how can i go outside without becoming miserable?

I have done a test after having allergies over 20 years. i stopped going outside alot, like stopped morning walks, etc and during this time period minimized outside air, for weeks. Then i started going outside again to events, etc. now i am getting all allergy symptoms again, very miserable for up to 2 1/2 days later after being outside for one hour. i think i have tried to avoid this reality for a long time. my ? is...what do sufferers like me do if they don't want to get on meds indefinitely (i did that for years already) and don't want to become a shut-in??  i wish there was an invisible face mask i could wear, wonder if there is one i haven't learned about? thanks for ANY help on this!!
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Did the medications you previously used help control your allergy sysmptoms?  Did your allergist discuss the role of immunotherapy?  I have had a great deal of success in markedly improving allergy sufferers' quality of life, and I am confident an allergist can help you.  As far as not wanting to take medications, you certainly have a lot of company. However be grateful your medical condition has available treatment, with a proven track record of helping patients.  I would suggest that you call an allergist so your medical condition can be properly treated.  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Environmental triggers for allergic reactions like changes in weather, temperature and water sources are difficult to avoid, but being aware can help you take adequate precautions. If you are aware of the triggers please avoid them or take anti-histamines. If the present anti histamines are not very effective you can consult your doctor for long acting ones.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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