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how to reduce cat allergy

I have a wonderful boyfriend who can not come inside my apartment becasue I have two cats. I want to continue my relationship but I am unsure about what I can do to reduce him having a reaction. He has told me that in the past was was able to be around cats and to a point can be in a house with cats as long as they are kept out of the room he is in. Thats great except I have to have the litter box and everything in my bedroom and can not put it anywhere else becasue I share my apartment. Is there no hope in figuring out a way to get around this. I am hearing that even if I clean everything top to bottom, wash the cats, wash all the bedding, and have a heppa filter he will still probably have a reaction. Does anyone have any ideas?
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I am a new and very happy owner of a beautiful Blue Russian cat I adopted from a shelter.  I had done extensive research on Blue Russians prior to adopting my little sweetheart, and when she came home, I promptly gave her a thorough cleaning, bought a self-cleaning litter box to reduce allergens, vacuumed with my HEPA filter vacuum, and use an allergen spray on different parts of the house.  I keep her out of my bedroom but allow her on the couch in the family room.  My allergies are significantly reduced and I'm feeling surprisingly well.  However, I still have some mild itching and sneezing, but am concerned it may get worse given my prior history of pet dander allergens.

I take Zyrtec on a daily basis just to rid myself of my everyday allergies and thought they would take care of the mild symptoms, but they are not.  I am also not getting rid of my cat.  Other than Zyrtec, are there allergy shots covered by insurance that I could take, or other allergy medications that are prescription?  My insurance company stopped covering Allegra, which was perfect (bummer).  Thanks for your help in advance.

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There is also a product that I have started to use called allerpet-c and it works wonders!!


Try asking at the pet stores around you (the one I work at does carry it but it sits on a bottom shelf below the shampoo so not very many people know about it).  I would also make sure you ask someone that has been there for a while.  

They do have research from third party that the solution actually denatures the protein of the cat dander.  It doesn't stop me from having any symptoms from the cats but it does lower the intense as well as stops me from having asthma-like symptoms for my two cats.  

I would ask your roommate(s) if while your boyfriend is in the apartment if you could move the litter box into a hallway or bathroom, see if that helps too.
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Cat allergen, the allergy causing material from cats, is a protein present in the dander and saliva of cats. These allergens become airborne as microscopic particles, which when inhaled into the nose or lungs can produce allergic symptoms.

You should not allow cats in your bedroom or the area where you spend most of your time and you can also try spraying areas where your cats spend their time (carpets, sofas) with an anti allergen spray. Use reputable allergy avoidance products throughout your home. Wash your hands after having contact with your pet. Keep pets out of the bedroom and avoid using carpeting, draperies and upholstered furniture in your home since allergens will collect there. Also wash and brush your pet each week.

If your boyfriend is still allergic to cats then he can go in for allergy shotsImmunotherapy gradually make a person more and more resistant to the cat allergens.This is one of the most effective treatments because it treats the cause and doesn’t just hide the symptoms.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
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