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i get this sometimes after ecstasy

I was wondering..
Sometimes after i have a night out on pills i get strange rashes on my shoulders, chest, back.
They are sometimes raised (like welts) and it looks like its under the skin.
I cant feel it at all, never hurts, never itches.. nothing..
My skin also goes really blotchy.
I have heard that its your body just pushing all the bad chemicals out through your skin but wanted to know if that was true or not
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      I think you are having hives to use of pills. Hives can occur in relation to infections, allergies, use of certain drugs or can occur without any reason. As, you are experiencing these symptoms always to use of pills you need to get checked with allergy tests. Upon confirmation of the cause prevention of the triggering agent is the mode of treatment. In an acute attack use of antihistamines help in controlling the symptoms. Best.

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On yahoo answers......  (sounded good to me)

"You've got lots of good advice here and I just had to add mine because I suffer from hives-- diagnosed as 'ideopathic urticara'- for months at a time.

The best advice my dermatologist ever gave me: Don't scratch. When you scratch your cells burst and release histamines... you may find yourself swollen. I have had this condition to the point of being disfigured and in the ER being pumped full of steroids.

(don't let anyone prescribe steroids to stop your reaction unless it's life threatening, this could cause a rebound effect)

My advice: Don't drive yourself insane trying to find a cause to your hives. The immune system is a mystery.

Your doctor will help you find the right histamine blocker. All those anti-histamines out there block differently... you have to experiment until one works for you. In my case, it's Allegra-- you could also try Zyrtec or Claritin. (Those are the big three used to combat hives.)

Also, use a cool pack to keep the hotspots from drving you insane. Avoid hot showers, use a bath oil after bathing and PAT dry-- do NOT rub!"
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