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is this allergies?

I have had allergy problems all my life and have tried almost every medication out there (OTC and prescription) until I was prescribed Singulair which worked.  But, I lost my health coverage and stopped taking it for almost a year.  I was recently put back on it (about a month ago) because I have been quiet sick for over 2 months now.  The doctors said it was allergies, but I'm starting to wonder because the Singulair should be working in full by now, and I'm still sick.  Well, that's kind of just the beginning.

It started out with cold/flu symptoms which went away after about 4 days, but then I got sick with really bad sore throat right after that.  The doctor tested me for strep A, but I tested negative.  So, they thought it was a different kind of strep.  I was put on an antibiodic (I can't remember which one, but it wasn't the normal amoxicillin since mono was a posiblity) and I seemed to be completely better after 7 days of that.  But then the cold/flu symptoms came back a couple days after the sore throat stopped.  I went back to the doctor and they said it was allergies and put me back on Singulair.  After a few days, those went away, but then my throat started hurting even worse than before.  So, for a third time I went to the doctor and got tested for mono and strep A.  I tested positive for mono, but negative for strep A.  I then took two weeks off from work and school to sleep and be a couch potato.  The soreness went away, but the swollen tonsils and congestion didn't.  I've done research and it doesn't seem that congestion is a symptom of mono, so I'm left to believe that this is allergies, but the Singulair should be working now.  

A few days ago, the sore throat came back and now I'm having back pains that feel like a nerve is being pinched that are worst when I first wake up.  My throat didn't hurt nearly as much as before, so I don't think it's the mono relapsing.  Today I noticed that I had red bumps on the back of my tongue and the back of my tongue is a yellowish color.  Also, all through this the congestion has never completely gone away (for over 2 months now) which has always been common with my allergies.  Sore throat has also been common with my allergies in the past.  I gargled some diluted hydrogen peroxide in hopes that that will help.  

I'm just wondering if these sound like allergy symptoms or if this is something else.  I hardly EVER get sick, other than my allergies.  It's been years since I've even gotten a cold.  Also, my RLS and insomnia have been really bad through all this and I've found it very difficult to sleep even though my body is very worn out and I'm very tired.  I have an iron deficiency, I don't know if that's helpful to know.
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From the description of your symptoms you are suffering from multiple problems - allergic reactions to some substances, positive for mononucleosis, iron deficiency, RLS and insomnia.

About the allergic symptoms - are you allergic to any specific substances? Does taking oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications help in your case? Has a CT scan of your sinuses been done?

What medications were you given for the mono and the tonsillitis? You should try warm saline gargles, steam inhalation, saline nasal drops and see if it helps. Also talk to your doctor whether steroid nasal drops, antibiotics and antihistamine medications would be helpful in your case. Has a chest xray been done?

Are you taking any iron supplements? When did you last get your blood tests done?

Have you seen a neurologist for your RLS and insomnia? What have you been advised for that?

Let us know the answers to the above questions to help you with your queries. Post us if you have any doubts and also about how you are doing.


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Allergies:  all I'm taking now is the Singulair which usually helps a lot.  Antihistamines have never worked for me, or at least not enough to notice.  I do not know what I am allergic to.  My allergies are usually the worst in January and spring.  The rest of the year they usually are not too bad.  I used to take Astilin nasal spray to help me breath during them.  I have never had a CT scan of my sinuses.

For the mono I was given only tylenol and motrin for the throat pain.  I was told to take each every 6 hours alternating so I was taking one or the other every 3 hours.  I have not had a chest xray because my congestion has all been nasal congestion, not coughing.

I do not take iron supplements because I was put on them about 4 years ago and my iron went down while I was on them.  I was taking 150 mg supplements three times a day, meaning I was taking 450mg of iron a day just in supplements.  Did that for a couple months, then got my iron tested again and it had gone from, I believe a 43 to a 41 (I might be wrong, it was a long time ago).  I started watching my diet more (I have been vegetarian for almost 7 years now) and was able to bring my iron up by eating as much iron as I could a day.  I have not had a blood test since September of 2006.

I have not seen a neurologist about my RLS or insomnia.  I didn't realize I had RLS until a year ago when I told my mom I thought I knew why my legs had such bad pains in them and she told me they found out I had RLS when I was very young (I'm 20 now).  Doctors have always just told me to take tylenol for the muscle pains I get usually the day after my RLS bothers me which I have been doing since I was about 5 and always works to stop the pain.  And I have never officially been diagnosed with insomnia because my parents wouldn't take me to the sleep specialist my doctor said I had to see to get treatment for it.  But, I've had trouble sleeping ever since I can remember.  All my doctor (not being a specialist could advise for that was to take OTC sleep aids which have never had an effect on me.  I do drink caffeinated drinks, but did not start drinking caffeinated drinks until my freshman year of high school and I've had trouble sleeping since about the age of 4.  Even now I only have like 2 32 ounce diet Dr. Pepper's a day and since I've been sick I've been drinking almost nothing but water and juice and no caffeine after 6pm but my insomnia has gotten worse.  If I get in bed at 10pm, I won't fall to sleep until 3 in the morning.  And the RLS, normally only bothers me 2 or 3 times a week, but while I've been sick it's bothered me every night.
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As a step wise approach consult an ENT specialist or allergy specialist and get a CT scan of your sinuses done.

Till then try steam inhalation, breathing exercises, and saline nasal drops. Talk to your doctor about steroid nasal sprays and whether they would help in your case.

Let us know how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

Hope this helps.

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