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mouth sores and lips chapped,swollen,blister-like

I first get sores in my mouth, then my lips are tingly, then chapped, swollen, and blistelike, happening over several days.  The last time I had this, it lasted over 3 weeks.  I went to the Dr. and he gave me medicine for Herpes virus (cold sores).  I am now experiencing the same symptons, and the medicine the Dr. gave me doesn't seem to be helping.
A light bulb went on in my head, and I think that all three times that I have had this, I have eaten either cashews or dry-roasted peanuts a couple of days before this onset.
Has anyone experienced this problem with a food alergy?
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It absolutely could be a nut allergy.
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I'm prone to getting at least 5 or six canker sores every year.  A doctor told me once about 20 years ago that he thought it was herpes simplex type-1.  They usually appear on one of my lips or where my lips meet my gums, and there have never been more than two of them at the same time.  Anyway, recently I bought a 34 oz. jar of Hoody's Butter Toffee Peanuts at the grocery store, that's 2 lbs. and 2 oz., a big jar.  My wife didn't like them, so I set out to attack the whole jar by myself, not in one sitting, mind you.  Over the course of a week I ate several handfuls each day, maybe as many as 20 or 30 handfuls.  By the end of the week, I had eaten about 90% of the whole jar.  The next week I got two very painful canker sores on the side of my tongue, then late in the same week, two more on my bottom lip.  A week later, I got a fifth one on my lip again.  Then, just one day later, two more, one on my bottom lip, and another on the top of my tongue.  A total of 8 painful canker sores in a 3 week period.  Wow!  I have never in all my 46 years experienced so many mouth sores!

And never in my life have I ever eaten so many nuts.  I am absolutely convinced that the sores were a direct result of the peanuts.  

Right at the moment, I still have two of the sores in the height of their painfulness, and I'm not totally sure whether or not they've stopped coming.  The others have receeded.  I have been swishing with a hydrogen peroxide solution ever since the first two showed up.  Those types of solutions seem to be the best remedy for me.

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i get these too, i have been relating my back to eating any food with lots of vitamin C in them, something about when the raw form of vitamin C comes in contact with my mouth via veggies, i get sores in my mouth on the sides of my tounge or gums or even on my lips, it is making me crazy. I have found that swishing with milk of magniesia helps loads in the healing time especially when preceded by listerine...
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I'm thinking I might be allergic to Red dye #40...I ate a bunch of cotton candy before bed (I know, bad idea!)...and then I woke up in the morning with a rough itchy palate and a strange feeling around my lips. My lips themselves were not itchy, they just felt weird - kinda swollen, but it itched around the outside of my lips.

Then I got a super small blister on my top lip...it never got bigger or oozed, it just ended up going away after a few days. My tastebuds also got sorta inflamed on the top and sides of my tounge.

Does anyone know what this could be???
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I get canker sores every time I eat peanuts.  I get them with peanut butter, but it's the worst with whole peanuts.  I never had this problem until one summer I practically lived off peanut butter.
I still eat peanuts, just not very often.  Whenever I eat them it results in a break-out of canker sores, often 10+ sores.
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I believe (I went through this very thing myself) that you have a systemic yeast infection. Your doctor may or may not believe this, (some don't believe it exists at all) but I would bet MONEY on it. Ask for two weeks of 150mg Flucanozole, take it, and see it ever comes back. Also, take wild oregano oil 2 times a day. Lots of people are going through this, and getting misdiagnosed with all kinds of allergies and/or syndromes
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