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It  has been for a while now every morning when I wake up I spit mucus with blood?

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If it's just flecks of blood it could be that your sinuses are irritated and/or very dry, Blowing your nose too hard can rupture the tiny blood vessels in your nose, drips down your throat and it gets coughed up with the stagnant mucus in the morning. Try a humidifier in your bedroom if your climate is dry, or use Ocean Spray during the day, wait a few minutes then blow your nose gently.
If you're coughing up more than a half cup of blood see your doctor asap.
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Hi, blood in saliva or sputum is called hemoptysis. These symptoms strongly suggest that you may be having acute sore throat infection (most common cause). In such cases tiny tinge of blood in sputum is common. Some other possibilities are polyps, broncheictesis, lung cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding etc.

Firstly you need to start a course of broad spectrum antibiotic as an empirical therapy if infection is suspected. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity, bronchoscopy with alveolar washing. Need to do antiseptic mouth gargle to take care of source of infection. I suggest you to consult a physician for further evaluation and prescription of above said drugs. Take care and regards.
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I went to the they gave me a cat scan on my lungs and thoat, and chest.  
they didn't find anything.  No temperture.  I don't throw up blood evry day but, 2 times when I spit  release my mucus I saw very little blooe.  Sometimes I wonder if I have back blood in my throat but, i am quite sure the scan should have notice that.  I am  60 yrs old, I dont smoke as of 15 yrars ago.  After recently I received a flu shot and this is when I started getting all this mucus in my thoat. I take mucinex too.
Right now,imy thoat is sore in the middle of my neck from the outside not inside.  I can take my fingers and point it to my neck where it is hurting.  It feels like mucus stuck in my thooat.  I taking spray called fluiicasone prescribeby thedoctor, It dries my nose but, I must take it for a month.i HOPE THIS IS NOT SERIOUS .


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