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nasal and sinus problem

Hello, maybe someone has had something similar. For the past almost 2 months I had a stuffy nose, no matter what i took, unless it was afrin which my doctor said to me recently that it was the worst thing i could have taken, was the only thing that cleared it up. So after about a month of this I took a mini flashlight and looked up my nose. I noticed what looked like a mass of dried mucus in my right nostril. No pain there it was just there blocking my ability to breathe normal. There is room above it and below it to let air pass just not 100%. so off to the doctor i went i was referred . My ent says that he wasnt sure so get a cat scan to get a better look. REsults came back my right side max sinus is blocked, all grey, as well as right forehead sinus has half liquid in it and in between my eyes right side has also some blockage. the left side is great. so yesterday we agreed to do sinus surgery to clear it all out. he thinks that could be sinusitus with nasal polyps in right max sinus and the one in my nostril as well...has anyone ever had something like this? internet gives so much negative and conflicting info and quite honestly its scary as well. my only symptoms are, little pressure in forehead sinus headache, i use the netty pot to clean my nose at night but last nite when i blew my nose it bled pretty bad on the right side, looks like it was coming from behind that polyp thing. it did stop ...i am currently just looking for some type of something to put me at a little more ease i quess. thanks .
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You have 8 main sinuses. 4 ea side. The narrowing you're seeing
isn't the polyp. If films are almost totally opaque unilateral,
it means there is little airspace in maxillary. Could be infection or build up of mucus from polyp. Yes I have had what
looked like a cyst in rt-maxillary, had surgery to remove & do
patholgy. My cyst turned out to be a rare condition that most of time is mistaken. Only pathology from surgery can dx what.
Most likely your procedure will be out-pt done endoscopically
through nasal wall. Discuss all meds to stop pre-surgery so they
don't change tissue testing. A polyp should always be ck'd so
yes, surgery is necessary. You can have polyps appear in any
sinus be generally it starts in maxillary. During surgery, Dr.
will do a deep look at other sinuses for problems. Gd-luck.
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hi 28yr old female, i have been dealing with a severe sinus infection for about 2 mos, severe pressure in face and ears, swollen, painful lympnodes on skull, i have been put on augmentin, predensone, vicodin for pain and now another anitbiotic levquin, nothing seems to be helping, had a ct scan of sinuses, doc says it is definatley sinusitus. i am scared. has anyone had the lymph node problem before. any advice on what to do next? i feel like i am losing my mind. thanks.
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I just experienced the lymph node problem, don't be scared. They hurt, became enlarged one at a time. One swelled and became sore, then got better, then the other one did a couple days later. I went to a naturalpath doctor who said with severe allergies the nodes swell, become sore..to fight off the allergens. I also had water in my ears a little. I eat healthy, live right (aside from stress, freeways, etc..) so it scared me to learn they were my nodes. My symptoms have lasted a month now. Im on a cleansing detox protein powder for the next two months to clean and build my systen up, and homepathic drops to build up against allergens. It is either some weird headcold virus, or simply a horrible allergic sinusitis. It has left me fatigued, head pressure, sore back of my head/neck,muscle soreness in the morning. If this info helped, let me know. If you learn anything else, please post. Thanks. At least we arent alone. Its miserable and weird.
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Thank you so much for your response. It made me feel a lot better. My doctor just prescribed me another antibiotic yesterday. Omnicef for the sinusitus. I am still having a slight headache but not as bad. It made me feel better to know that there was some else out there who has had lymph nodes swell on their skull. Im thinking of detoxing my body as well. Im starting to think maybe cleaning the system may help kill whatever is bothering me so bad. Anyway good luck to you in your recovering journey. This site is full of people going through the same thing. Im starting to wonder if we all have something they havent figured out yet so we are all diagnosed with the same thing. Good Luck and Thanks!

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I thought I should also let you know, that ANTIBIOTICS may worsen symptoms....Antibiotics are to blame for so many illnesses...especially sinusitis, etc... The reason I'm ill ( I feel) is because i mistakenly took two different rounds of antibiotics when this is clearly a non-infection. It is either a virus, or from inhaling some fungus or from using too many antibiotics in the past. Antibiotics cause an overgrowth of yeast or candida albicans in the body. I am doing a cleansing routine to rid my body from the antibiotics, basically. Please read " The Yeast Connection" ( at book stores) as it deals with what antibiotics do and how many illnesses they cause...I took rounds of antibiotics in my twenties for my skin. No one told me I would be sitting here with the horrible sinus situation now. If you cant get the book, then look up candida albicans online. Or yeast overgrowth. Even if this antibiotic seems to help, it just masks the actual cause and creates more problems. My nodes got better, my migraines stopped without antibiotics this time. It seems like this weird thing happened after i took these two strong antibiotics...Im staying away from them. Ive heard we can insist on a sinus culture taken which will indicate if it is a fungus or not. Many times we breathe in tiny particles in stores, schools, work, etc... which lodge in our sinus' but are fungal in nature, and cannot be cured with antibiotics. Antibiotics actually make fungi grow, also create it. Hope this helped. I have no idea what is going on with our atmosphere or with everyones health, but we have to build our systems up as naturally as we can to fight it all.
Good luck and health to you,
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I found what you had to say very interesting. I am very interested in the book on yeast and I am definatly going to check it out. Have you ever heard about taking oregano oil to help kill yeast. Have been doing some research and saw that suggested. Wondered if you had any thoughts? EMK
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After taking antibiotics so long for my skin, I did a lot of reading and research. I avoided antibiotics, and always take KYODOPHILUS ( at health stores) to replace the good bacteria that antibiotics destroy. It's natural and prevents the yeast from taking over. Also, one of the main things that destroys yeast is GARLIC. Hard to eat whole cloves, but they sell odorless capsules in health stores. Also something else called Caprylic Acid, in capsules, in health stores. To kill yeast you also must avoid sugar. It makes it grow. When I was taking a lot of antibiotics, I craved sugar constantly. I dont anymore. Also if you are on a B/Control Pill or hormones it makes it grow, or eat a lot of fermented foods like cheese, smoked items, etc... Remember, pennicilin is a MOLD. We also become sensitive to moldy places, mildew, etc, as a result. You can see how its a cycle. Sinusitis caused by antibiotics, so they give you more antibiotics...great. They want a quick fix, but dont find the source to solve it once and for all. I am just very fatigued and achy when i wake up "blocked", and days i can breathe without sinus pressure are much better. I haven't heard of using that oil, but I know the things mentioned above do help to eliminate candida, and build the system up again.
Keep me posted, thanks. Hope you are feeling better.
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I bought the oregano oil and used it for about a week - didn't swallow, but put on my wrists as directions said you could take through the skin.  Of course I saw no difference in a week and didn't continue..so after I see the ENT I may start that back again.  I have always eaten a lot of junk (candy, pies, cake) so I'm sure I'm feeding it well if that has anything to do with it.
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Hello everyone this is my first time making a comment,but I read others quite often.  The reason that I am writing is to see if anyone feels like I do and to get a little advice.  For the past 3 months I have had problems with sinus dranage.  I sometimes get these dizzy feelings not to the point that I am stumbling around it does not get that bad.  Also my cheeks sometimes feel like they are going to explode.  I have been to the doctor several times and he has said that it is my sinuses,but the meds have not worked too well.  The reason that i am so worried is I have never had a problem with my sinuses before, and I know it sounds crazy but i have been worried that maybe I may have a brain turmor.  I do not have alot of the side effects of one such as headaches, but I am still cancerned.  thanks for your time
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Sinus suffers !! I've suffered with sinus problems ever since I can remember. After years of dealing with infections I finally pushed and demanded to have something done. In 2000 I had a cat scan, it revealed a huge cyst up my nose, when the doctor did the surgery he also found polyps behind the cyst as well as on the other side that didn't show on the scan.  I was good for about 1 year, then it all started again. Pain behind the eyes,the back of the head, cheek pain & sore gums 1 infection after the other all year round. A few days ago I noticed pain in my left eye, I had a torn retina in 2001 so I went to the dr. luckily everything is ok & its actually sinus pain, tonight it's right in the forehead I can barely focus to write this but I had to chime in and share some things to try. I've taken every sinus med out there over & under the counter.
I firmly believe you have to be headstrong in life especially when it comes to your health. Tell your dr. what you want & how you feel keep a log book but if your dr. doesn't want to hear your ideas or brushes you off it is time to move on to a different dr. I haven't been to 1 yet but I 'm going to try a holistic dr. they are trained to look at the whole picture and treat with herbal,homeopathic meds. It may help but pills & sprays are not the only answer try alternative medicine. The next thing for me to try is accupuncture.
I've taken so many antibotics, decongestants & nose sprays (Nasilcort or Naseril works for me)during my lifetime (only 35) it scares me, the effects on your liver & kidneys + the fact that your body builds up a tolerance to each antibotic you take is terrible. The drug makers push their freebees & doctors say try this pill, try that one, they only want to give you medicine for the symptoms not the find and fix the problem. No wonder health care is soo expensive.
A FEW THINGS TO TRY: for others suffering  
1. I get my hubby to put me a head lock and squeeze as hard a he can, it does help with the pain & pressure, just squeeze hold and release repeat.

2. While sitting in a hot tub, or pool or shower get a mask for snorkeling and pull it on and off slowly, the suction helps reduce the pressure.  (yes hubby laughs at me)

3. Get a super cold compress straight from the freezer put it over the eyes & massage the pressure points in the head.

4. NEVER BLOW YOUR NOSE when you are having a sinus issue. If you do it forces the fluid into the ear canal and then you get the dizzy issue & a painful ear & jaw.

Good luck to all & I hope the tips help everyone else I know they sound wierd but it works for me.
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This is my first email.  Since the beginning of of the New Year, I've gradually experienced some sneezing and then pressure and nasal burning inside my nose.  I finally went to the internist which measured the pressure in my ears and told me I had a sinus infection and had fluid in my sinuses.  She perscribed K-pak, a 5 day dose and the pharmacist filled it generically (arythromycin).  I thought I was feeling better but Sunday, started to get the pressure and burning again.  I have no discharge ( clear).  I'm beginning to think this is allergy, since the weather in Bellport, NY has been warm the last couple of months.  I do have seasonal and perenial allergies.  Years ago, I was tested; came back positive to grass, tree, weeds, mold in the air, dustmite and slightly to my cat.  I've taken flonase nasal spray and had some bouts of allergic rhinitis, but not recent.  I've had two sinus surgerys in the past the first was to take some turbinet tissue off and the second was that another doctor found a cyst in my left maxi sinus.  This has been very umpleasant.  Anyone have any ideas.  I'm thinking about going back to the ENT to see if anything has come back.  And what is everyone ideas about allergy shots.  The allergist I saw several years ago thought that I should get them, but I didn't
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The one above who said something like "we all have the same symptoms, maybe it's something new they haven't figured out yet".. thats exactly correct, except all is known about the body and they just have not taught the doctors anything other than prescribing medication, so you won't find the cure from them because synthetic drugs won't cure anything.

I'm a natural health specialist / 24-7 researching scientist and I have all the remedies. I'm not a regular on this site and just registered to let you know in case someone wants my help.

I'm sorry but I'd like to make some money (not trying to be greedy, I give a lot for free) since a guru doesn't earn much studying 24/7 and my mom is complaining about rent money, but I know I can help every single one of you get back to your optimal level of health so if that's worth anything to you, let me know.

604-629-7604 - normally voice mail
***@**** (email and msn messenger)

Take care
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It was a year 12/17 that I had my sinus surgery.  Numerous polyps and 90% blockage in both right sinuses and 50% in left.  I have been having such bad congestion, especially at night and post nasal drip. ENT said looks like polyp tissue starting to re-grow.  GREAT!  So I took the 6 day prednisone pack which was great, could smell again for 7 days, along with Leviquin for 14 days.  As soon as I was off the prednisone the congestion came back.  Now the DR wants me back on Leviquin for another 10 days. Not real happy about this.  I also use Flonase everyday and saline nasal spray 5 times a day. I cant seem to get any relief except for the steroids but they are so dangerous and you cant stay on them too long.  I dont want to go thru another sinus surgery ever.  Any suggestions to help relieve the congestions and inflammation without antibiotics???  Thanks!
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Its a relief to know I am not the only one suffering like this-I was starting to think nobody could possibly understand,  although I just can't believe after coming across this site and reading that we have all basically gone the same routes (going to ENT's, being on rounds and rounds of antibiotics with no or minimal relief, rounds of steroids etc) that there is still no relief for us! I have been suffering for 2 years now with chronic sinusitis, having apprx 10-15 infections a year, and now missing 2 wks of work due to such severe pain in my face, eyes, cheeks, teeth, ears !! Finally my family doc sent me to get a cat san of my sinuses which showed severe blockage as well as a deviated right septum- the ENT suggested surgery which I am all for considering I am on my 3rd antibiotic in the past month, my 2nd round of steroids and relying onice packs all over my face and vicidon for some minimal relief- I also have tried all kinds of nasal sprays, Afrin, Nasacourt, Nasonex-- I even tried natural remedies like grapefruit seed extract diluted w/ warm water as a nasal wash, no luck-- i got so desperate for the congestion to loosen up that i found a natural hot pepper extractnasal spray on line, ordered it- used it, and it burned so bad! again no luck- I came across this site because i was trying to find out if its possible to have accupuncture on your face for some relief-- still haven't found that answer, does anyone know anything about that?I am finding myself feeling so worn down through out my whole body at this point and starting to get depressed- not to mention  my job is at stake as I have missed 2 wks straight and there is no way I can work like this--I ended up in the ER lastweek cause i could not take the pain anymore,they looked at my cat scan, confirmed that what it showed was that I had to be in a lot of pain by looking at all the gray areas on the ct..   they gave me a shot in my rear, another round of antibiotics and a 3 day steroid and said to follow up w/ the ENT.   I lay around with ice packs and frozen veggies on my face/head/neck/ears all day long -- my job doesn't understand and I feel like im just being bounced around by doctors-- My prayer is that between all of us someone will have a doctor who steps up and says ok something is not right and decides to help us figure out what is going on! God Bless you all- I know the pain you are feeling!!!          
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Well, i may have found an answer to helping w/ the sinus facial pain/pressure! Today I went for acupuncture- the initial thought of needles in my face was not pleasant but it turned out that i actually after just one session felt a ton of relief and it does not hurt one bit either to have tghe needles stuck in you! I am going for another session Mon-- of course this may not be a long term cure or anything- but it has definitely helped me w/ the pain , and it cost $55, which I have spent well over that amount just on the past 2 prescriptions of antibiotics (which did not help a bit) so for me it was worth it-- if anyone else is desperate and at their breaking point w/ the pain-- you may want to try it as well :) God Bless!
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I can't believe that I am writing this but here goes.  I started having a headache right before Christmas and at first thought it was one of my migraines which I have had all my life.  The migraine medicine that I take didnt even phase it and the headache continued for 5 days.  By this time I was beginning to get concerned so I went to a family doctor in the town where I live and she diagnosed me as having a sinus infection and placed me on an antibiotic (Cipro).  I took the full ten day dose and still had the headache so I called her and she changed the antibiotic to penicillin.  I took that for a few days and still had the headache (now going on for two weeks) so I went into an ENT doctor.  He diagnosed me with a yukky sinus infection and put me on a different antibiotic of which within three days I knew I was having an allergic reaction to it!  I called him and he changed me to another one (the fourth one!).  He also placed me on prednisone.  This was awful for me.  I have high blood pressure and the steroid caused me horrible problems with my blood pressure but I had started them so I had to finish them.  My headache did go away while I was on the steroid.  It came back once I was off both the antibiotic and the steroid.  My doctor ordered a CAT scan of my sinuses and found that both of the bones in my nose were much larger than they should have been (congenital malformity) and also that I have a deviated septum.  I still have the headache and he says I need to have sinus surgery but did not find any tumors anywhere.  Thats good!  He also found that I have swelling in the nose area over the malformed bones that is causing the pain in the top of my head.  Or so he says.  I am wondering if it is really sinus or something else.  The headache is now going on for 7 weeks but he feels that it isnt anything other than my sinus problem.  Anyone have anything similar to this?
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Hello All,
It is very calming for me to see that so many people suffer from my exact problems, I had the endoscopic sinus surgery done 7 years ago because of chronic sinus infections.  I recently went in for a CT-Scan due to problems again.  The Doc put me on Asterlin and Nasalcort for 2 months, it did releive the constant running and stuffiness but, the CT came back almost totally grey.  Doc said they looked like polyps to her but didn't recommend surgery again.
I hated the surgery the first time because of the gruesome recovery.  I have no sense of smell for the last 7 years except when I take prednisone to treat my asthma.  This is the funny thing, I have been taking the new Alli diet pill, because I forgot to mention that I am also about 70lbs overweight.  Since taking Alli, I have gotten some of my smell back.  Anyone know why?
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hello all, here is my story It all started 3 yrs ago when my son was born. I got a sinus infection due to bad allergies, and then in December got pneumonia. I freaked out as I am an ex smoker of 15yrs, and quit 7yrs ago.so I was confused as to how I could get pneumonia. Turns out I have asthma. I have been on every medication there is and to no avail. I now cannot even get rid of it. I also now cannot get rid of my yeast infection. I have been on shots since December of 06, I take zyrtec, rhinoquart aqua, pulmicort , sinus irrigation 3 times a day, and I also steam 3 times a day. i have had surgery once. I have had my mucus tested and It is not fungal, I have also been tested for an immune deficiency. I have been tested for diabetes. So I have no other options left. I will not take antibiotics anymore, I just use the sinus rinse more than three times a day if I get clogged, I am also taking a probiotic for the yeast infections as I don't know what to do with that either. Oh I have also had accupuncture. Did not work. I did the anti fungal diet, lost a but load of weight but no dice on the infections. I did ear candleing. I have tried extremely high doses of vitamin c again nothing. I am so depessed I am going to have this for the rest of my life. I am miserable all the time. If there is any advice you need let me know. I feel like I have done it all. Thanks for listening......
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I feel your pain.  I am on a new nasal spray called Astelin and I take advair 100/50 twice a day.  I am 75% better.  It is worth a try, it looks like you've tried everything else.
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I am being scheduled for polyp removal surgery very soon. I am scared to death. I don't want it but I want to taste and smell again. My head is always stuffy (no pain though) and I have completely lost the sense of smell and taste. I had a gas leak in my home and never smelled it. Thank God my son came in and told me. Does anyone have any suggestions on another method to regain taste and smell without surgery? Also, how bad is the nasal polyp sugery and how bad is recovery? Thanks so much.
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Firstly, i thought i was the only one with this problem however after reading this forum realise theres others out there. Thank you for sharing your stories.  

For the past 6 years I have been struggling with chronic sinusitis. I constantly have a runny blocked nose full of mucus, i have no sense of smell at all, get bad headaches, sense of taste is very limited and it doesnt matter what i do its there 24/7 and all year round. I had endoscopic surgey in June 2004, then again in December 2004 only 6 months later. The first time was public while the second was with a private surgeon. I am currently waiting in line to do my third operation (end of 07). I really really do not want to do it again as i feel it will not help and the polyps will come back again. My daily routine is also affected severely as i constantly must blow my nose and find tissues everywhere i go.

I have tried all sorts of nasal sprays, antibiotics, allergists and natural remedies but none seem to work. I had about 10 days of relief where i could smell and taste again through taking a very strong drug which the surgeon gave me recently. I was told they do not give them out too often as they are no good for you. The 10 days made me realise how much i was missing out on and it can get quite depressing.

Can anyone help me please? Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.
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Since I was a young boy I have always had sinus problems. Doctors always said sinusitis and put me on antibiotics.  That used to work. Then at the age of about 10 I started to develop a horrible coughing deal from sinus drainage, usually in February or march then again in like june.  I would have this for over a month and would keep my parents awake at night and occasionally vomitting from coughing so hard.  I would go to the doctors and they would say sinusitis and give me antiobiotics.  Over the years antiobiotics have continued to work less and less.  About a year and a half ago, once again in February I started getting the dry cough with phlegm coming up every once in a while.  It lasted until July. I thought I was dying.  I play baseball and I would hack and gag constantly in the dugout the whole entire season.  It annoyed everyone.  Finally it went away, until last fall about November I started hocking up stuff and struggling to swallow due to constant postnasal drip.  Which I think is worse than the cough.  This is still ongoing even 9 months after it started.  I could hardly stand to sit through class everyday at school because I had to clear my throat and swallow the thick clear and white mucous that would not come out my nose at all only back my throat.  So I made an appointment with an allergist/ otolaryngolgist and got sinus x rays and the needle pricks to test for allergies.  The x rays were clear but I am allergic to grasses, weeds, tree pollen, pollen, dust, mold, and foods such as cinnamon, tomato, onion, lettuce, and shrimp. I've been taking claritin everyday since.  And I've also been on allergy shots for over 6 months and have seen little improvement.  I've been down the road of antihistamines and decongestants both prescription and over the counter.  Nothing helps.  I don't feel comfortable going anywhere in public because I don't like embarrasing myself hocking up stuff or half gagging trying to swallow.  And playing sports is nearly impossible, I am short of breath due to the inconsistantcy of breathing and swallowing.  I start college this fall and am playing baseball there and I don't know if I can take much more of this stuff.  I was also forced to quit singing in a church praise band due to the fact that the gagging and hocking is never ending and I can't even make it through a song.   I am willing to do anything to be normal again.  Stress makes it so much worse but without this problem I would lose all my stress.  Please help me get my life back as soon as possible.  I'm miserable      HELP!!!!
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I also have a very dry stuffy nose with dry mucous and have tried the capzaicin pepper spray things with little success and still use a saline spray to moisten my dry nose.  I also have a very dry mouth
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