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people allergic to people

Has anyone ever heard of people being allergic to people?
Well it is ruining my life and wondered if anyone knew anything
about it.
People have nasel and throat problems within a few min of me coming
in their room/house/business.
People with asthma/breathing problems to begin with will FLARE UP QUICK when around me!
I don't talk to anyone i know about this.....would be embarresed.
need help please!
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I have never heard of that although my vet did suggest my dog was allergic to people dander???  Do you wear perfume or cologne or any oils??  Do you have pets??  It does sound peculiar but there must be an underlying cause.  Best wishes.
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thanks for responding!
It's not any kind of shampoo, laundry stuff or anything,,,I've thought of everything possible!! It's something chemical in my body - i'm convinced.
I've searched hard around the 'net and found 1 or 2 people saying the same thing as me but I can't find a solution or anything,
aaahhhhh well.....such is my life :)
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You might want to look into seeing a doctor if you believe it's a serious problem.
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If you have ruled out, Soap, Shampoo, Colongne, Detergnet, Fabric Softner, Household Cleaners etc. Then look for other things like air freshners, cedar coat hangers (big one for me), plants and flowers in your home, pets etc.
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thanks for the responces as day by day life gets harder to deal with in this condition.
i'm convinced something is wrong with my body and it's producing lots of allergens for some reason.
I'm going to consult a doctor if I can afford one. No health insurence right now :(
for example....my roomate has asthma issues and when i come home from work/social events....he FLARES UP within 10 min.
At work - 4 out of the 5 people i work with have issues when I'm there everyday!!  I can't believe they haven't put it together yet.....but i guess nobody believes you can be allergic to humans,,,,as per lots of research i've done.
thank you all
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maybe a person can be allergic to another's physical or energetic body. why does this seem so unreasonable to people? i have know people to be allergic to various foods, for example, in various stages of development (the people and the foods!)
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