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people allergic to people

Has anyone ever heard of people being allergic to people?
Well it is ruining my life and wondered if anyone knew anything
about it.
People have nasel and throat problems within a few min of me coming
in their room/house/business.
People with asthma/breathing problems to begin with will FLARE UP QUICK when around me!
I don't talk to anyone i know about this.....would be embarresed.
need help please!
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I have never heard of that although my vet did suggest my dog was allergic to people dander???  Do you wear perfume or cologne or any oils??  Do you have pets??  It does sound peculiar but there must be an underlying cause.  Best wishes.
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thanks for responding!
It's not any kind of shampoo, laundry stuff or anything,,,I've thought of everything possible!! It's something chemical in my body - i'm convinced.
I've searched hard around the 'net and found 1 or 2 people saying the same thing as me but I can't find a solution or anything,
aaahhhhh well.....such is my life :)
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You might want to look into seeing a doctor if you believe it's a serious problem.
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If you have ruled out, Soap, Shampoo, Colongne, Detergnet, Fabric Softner, Household Cleaners etc. Then look for other things like air freshners, cedar coat hangers (big one for me), plants and flowers in your home, pets etc.
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thanks for the responces as day by day life gets harder to deal with in this condition.
i'm convinced something is wrong with my body and it's producing lots of allergens for some reason.
I'm going to consult a doctor if I can afford one. No health insurence right now :(
for example....my roomate has asthma issues and when i come home from work/social events....he FLARES UP within 10 min.
At work - 4 out of the 5 people i work with have issues when I'm there everyday!!  I can't believe they haven't put it together yet.....but i guess nobody believes you can be allergic to humans,,,,as per lots of research i've done.
thank you all
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maybe a person can be allergic to another's physical or energetic body. why does this seem so unreasonable to people? i have know people to be allergic to various foods, for example, in various stages of development (the people and the foods!)
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Someone I know says he's having similar problems.  
When people are around him, he says they start coughing too.  I'd never heard of anything like this before.  Perhaps it's possible.  Please let me know if there's anything anyone else has heard, so I can let him know.
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I also have the same problem.  People start sneezing and caughing when they are arouind me.  I appear to have dust and lint leaving my clothes and becoming airborne, why I do not know.
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I BELIEVE YOU because it is happening to me.  The doctor thinks it's psychological.  I think it's viral or bacterial or both.  I maybe a carrier of a staph virus.  It's gotten to the point that my co workers are talking about it. They think they are allergic to me!!!!  They say it as a joke but when someone in the office starts sneezing and coughing, they seriously says that it's me.  It happens when I'm at the store at work walking down the street....I need people to take this condition seriously.
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I think I am allergic to someone at work. My eyes become dry and irratated with in minutes when he is around.  He was on vacation for a week and I didn't have any problems so I'm sure it's him.  I don't know what to do.  He sits in the cube next to me.  I don't want to be rude but I can't take any more.
sorry but you are being rude.  i have had this condition and there is not anything one can do about it.  try to manage your symptoms the best you can but be kind to this person please.
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My daughter is 13 months old and I believe she is allergic to my friends daughter (3 years old). She always seems to get a fever and have tummy trouble whenever she is around this other girl. I was wondering if she was allergic or something to this other girl. Has anybody ever seen or heard something  like this before???
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how do you know this eprson is causing allergies? is he jsut causing you allergies or are there also other people?
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has anyone been cured? I need help....why am i attracting dust and lint in my hair...i dont understand...
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I think if we (people with this condition) can discuss our lifestyles, ethnicity, living conditions, etc. maybe we can find some commonalities and by chance isolate a cause.  I personally think that it's in my breath.  I am very hygienic though.  I use a $200.00 ultra sonic toothbrush, floss every night, and even waterpick to follow up.  Sometimes a soon as I start speaking, sneezing begins.  I can just pass by people and it happens.  I sometimes hold my breath when I pass and there is no reaction.  I'll pass again and breath and here come the sneezes.  I've done this test often which is why I think that is the area of the problem.  I think that it may be sulfur dioxides, or mold that I'm breathing.  My wife doesn't notice any problem with my breath though (other than in the morning).  Perhaps it pheromones.
I get alot of dust and lint in my hair too.  I'm like a electro magnet.  Even though I keep it real short with a #2 clipper (just shy of bald).
I noticed that I don't drink nearly as much fluids as most people and wonder if that could causes anything.
But I don't know anything for sure.  
Please tell me something about yourselves.
it does not matter how "clean" you are on the outside.  it is a bacterial issue.  check with a doctor to take the test for SIBO.  it  is a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine that can lead to these symptoms.  must balance the bacteria and prevent it from coming back with stress reduction , proper diet and digestive function.  drinking enough water is definitely a must.
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I've seen this thread many times before and it just hit me today that just like dogs, humans also have dander. In fact, dogs can be allergic to us. I wonder if people are allergic to the poster's dead skin cells (dander?) There may be something different about his/her skin cells ? Just a crazy thought that crossed my mind !  Who knows ?
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Hi! Here's an idea that you could try--buy a nice potted spider plant for your office desk. This is one of the air cleaner plants. It just looks spidery because of its long thin leaves and has nothing to do with spiders. Another air freshener plant is a philodendron. Both these plants clean the air around you and are very very easy care plants. Any nursery or garden center in your area will sell them. Good Luck.
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Does this help with allergens in the environment too? (dust, pollen,etc)
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Hi, I think I have this same problem: sneezing, caughing,... when people are around me. I have thought could it be some dander mystery? Has anyone solved this problem??? This is really annoying me.
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You might learn that these same people that are sneezing and caughing around you might be doing the same around everyone too not just you. It's quite common with allergies and asthma to happen often.

I told my allergist I thought I was allergic to my self. But I am actually walking around picking up pollen and stuff on my clothes and body. As an allergic person I can tell the difference between 5 people that were at 5 different locations for just a few minutes by the reactions I can feel when I detect the pollens and such on them. When I take antihistamine I can't fell it anymore.

I have actually asked people to go away or change their clothes because it was too much allergy for me to handle. I can still feel the pollen on them even after they change but much less. And it was pollen since I wasn't allergic to them until they went out side and came back in.

Your house could be dusty, there is a long list of things. But you would need to talk to the person sneezing and caughing to help you identify what it is. As they are in tune to detect if it is stronger or weaker. Maybe one of them would be willing to go with you in to your car, home, room, ect... Like a meter their allergies will get stronger or weaker to help you identify what it is around you that you might be getting on your clothes and body.

For one person to have an allergy to you ok... Could be anything in the air you walk near but for lots of people. That sounds like a common allergen then. You will need an allergic person to visit places you go an in your home to help you identify the source since your not allergic to it so you can not detect it. I have had to ask people to walk away or change their clothes just because they were out side for too long. I wasn't allergic to them inside at first, then they went out side for a walk in the fresh air and when they came back in right away my asthma and allergy triggered. Just from the wind the pollen blew on their clothes.

It's not fun living with allergies. If they were in side for a wile their allergies might have settled down for a bit. When you come in you bring in fresh allergens from the air in to the room. Chances are if someone else came in after a while it would start all over again for them.

Try real hard to find a person that is showing these signs of allergy around you to assist you with identifying the source. Have them for example sniff your shirt, sniff your car, house, ect. I can walk in to a house and go from room to room and locate mold for people in very small amounts. I should charge a fee!!! Well since my allergy shots are working I would be out of business soon. lol
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If the allergens are on your shirt lets say and you don't speak or breathe in their direction the allergens might not be directed that way. Sneezing and runny nose won't happen from breath. You can relax. If you have these allergens on your cloths and such speaking is small vibrations in your chest that might push these allergens off your clothes and when you talk you are directing air flow in their direction that could pick up and carry the allergens that were just knocked off in their direction if in fact this is really happening. For me it's when people start moving around is when I feel it the most since they are disturbing the pollens caught on their clothes and spreading them all around in the air. I can feel it but usually it's very minor. For me it's the first few minutes when people walk in from out side, after that it's fine for me. As a very allergic person my self I detect so many things other people have no idea exists and I have never been allergic to a persons breath. I've been around breath that didn't smell that great after eating raw onions but never had an allergic reaction. I don't think it is your body.
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Thanks to crystalfresh for many suggestions. I still think reason is not my clothes or pollen because a lot of people get these symptoms. It is not my apartment because same symptoms happend also somewhere else.

Some further information about my situation...
I live alone and I'm hygienic as well, washing every day and my clothes are clean, I also brush my teeth every day twice. This problem started awhile ago (maybe month). I have thought that some slighter symptoms has probably been earlier but not so significantly.

Situation is annoying on the job. I work at a kind of office and there are many people in small space. Almost all gets some symptom and as I now they are not allergic usually. I have met two doctors, but no help. They say that this "allergic to people" is not possible.

I haven't test that Patient_A breathing idea yet. Need to test it soon. I don't think that quantity of drinking fluids is principle. Any other ideas or solutions are welcome.

I really hope that we can find some solution.
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I absolutely believe you, cause its ruining my life too.  I thought only my aunt, my cousin and myself were affected by this problem, actually in fact initially i thought it was only me.  I became extra hygenic, over cleaning myself to no avail.  People still cough around me,  i started to ask around total strangers in aroundabout way whether i was smelling bad.  None ever said i was!!.  I became very unhappy, work can be a nigtmare, i love what i do and am good at it, but the coughs are driving me mad, i keep going to the loo to smell myself, wipe clean re-doedorise come back in and immediately it starts again.  I am at my wits end.  I would say 60 percent of the people i meet have allergic reactions to me.  Its not my perfume, my soap or my detergent, i change them on  a regular basis. I buy very good perfume, whether i perfume or not, its the same,
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Welcome to the nightmare that is "PATM". All I can say is to press your doctor(s), nicely, to deleve into your problem deeper than they have been. Tell them you understand humans can't be allergic to humans, but that something on you is causing these reactions. Ask them to analyze your breath, sweat, urine and feces to look for unexpected metabolites or higher than usual quantities (posssibly H2S). Goodluck butterflylady.
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Hey i've been getting the same problem happen to me for the last 4 years when i was 16 and living has been a nightmare...

I have people sneeze, get runny noses, cough, clogged throats and basically just get sick when they're around me.

I believed (since these problems started) that i have some rare body odor and thats why people get sick around me, and i still do believe that.

My parents have made me get councelling because they think it's all in my head, (though i do admit i have depression) but that has nothing to do with the physical symptoms that are happening.

Been told by doctors and councellors also that it's all in my head and have been prescribed anti-depressants for Anxiety and depression.

I've looked up alot of different things on the internet and came to the conclusion that it could possibly be a mix of TMAU - Trimethylaminuria aka. "Fish odour syndrome".

My life has really been hell since all of this started...I feel really isolated, misunderstood, and like a outkast/monster and theres nothing i can do about this...No doctors really take you seriously and you basically get told your crazy and imagining things...

Sorry i know this isn't very helpful, but i felt the need to tell my 2 cents, since others are experiencing this pain!

Hopefully there is a cure out there somewhere.

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