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red scrotum and itching near anus

It all started 1.5 months ago when i started feeling burning sensation on my scrotum and doctor advised me to take anti- allergy tablet and flucort ointment.  i didnt got any good results and consulted another dermatologist he advised me to go for STD test which was negative and after that he said its scrotal dermatitis then recommended me antibiotic 3 times a day,  anti- anxiety once a day & anti fungal  aswell a cream & anti-fungal poweder to apply on my scrotum and anus twice a day.  its been more then 2 weeks i'm on this prescription, my scrotum doesnt each any more but i have itching near by anus. then today i approached another dermatologist and he said its fungal infection and prescrbed me with anti-fungal tables & cream to apply.
However I had developed severe redness on my scrotum down to my anus.How can I deal with this? please suggest.
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also i feel burning sensation near by anus and itching in inner thighs.
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT,  body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology. AK.  

NAER has a DETOX protocol to clear  allergies form the system.  Once the DETOX protocol is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

Both my husband and I have used both methods for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.  Our immune system is improved.  

In addition to allergies we have used for other issues such as rashes,  viruses,  bacteria,  lung and cough,  blood sugar,  inflammation,  arthritis. Thyroid,  CELIAC disease. Exposure to pesticides, etc.

Good luck
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