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sinus /body aches / flu like symptoms/ feeling unwell every day

I have been sick all my life, as a child i was fatigued and constant colds .
I went to that many chronic fatigue specialists, chinese herbalist, holistic healers and naturopaths .
I cut out dairy , and wheat , i tried all the anti candida diets and pills, i eat lots of fruit and fruit smoothies, juices, and salads. I also excersise whenever i can. I have been researching it all my life and i am now 33.
I take all the natural medicines for allergies/ sinus.
I am still sick daily.
I have acne and bowel issues as well.
I wake up like i have the flu or viral infection, my head feels throbbing, my body is aching and i just feel awful.
I have spent about 70% of my life in bed .
When i am up and get ready for the day simple things like having a shower is so exhausting that i go back to bed.
I can hold down a job or keep friends.
I feel like i have tried everything even anti depressants but i know if i felt good i would be so much happier.
If u havent got your health, life is just a waste.
I now have 2 kids and i am missing them growing up as i am in bed sick all the time, my husband takes over and i miss it all.
I haven't tried a sleep study, i might try that.
If anyone knows of any suggestions please help!!!
I am desperate .. i don't want to feel this way anymore :(
thank u

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

To begin with take a deep breath and relax. Nothing is as frightening or as difficult as it appears to be. Your symptoms can be controlled. The best way to get to the bottom of your sinus issues is to see an ENT.  A good examination inside the nose with a camera might give the ENT more information as well as a CT scan of the sinuses.  If it is a chronic sinus infection, 4-6 weeks of antibiotics are pretty standard in addition to nasal steroid sprays, oral steroids, and salt water irrigations of the sinuses.  If this fails to solve the problem, sinus surgery is usually recommended.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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