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sinus pain and swollen inside of nose

25 year old male and generally healthy other then ocassional heartburn. I have this little story to tell, it may seem weird but please bare with me. It all started about 1 year ago. I was laying on the couch half asleep when my five year old daughter thought it was funny that she would stick her finger up my nose. I heard this little pop and blood came rushing out, it bled for a good 10minutes. I got it to stop, thank goodness. It seemed to not bother me, untill this past week. For the past i would say four days ive had this sinus pressure and pain mostly on bridge of nose,around eyes and cheek bones and i put some light up my left nostril and noticed towards more the back in my nose along the side wall, is all red and swollen, but yet when i touch it doesnt feel like any mass or anything,weird i think!. anyways i am a big believer of natural cures and home remedies so i have taken some decongestion meds and have washed my nose out with a neti pot. there is some relief but the swollen feeling its still there.. I have researched my symptoms and either it comes up nasal polyps, turbinates or staph infection  . But i dont think its any of those?? by what do i know? i am no doctor and i really dont want any surgeory .. Any advice would really help me especially natural cures( if theres any?) thank you
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     Your symptoms seem to be of ethmoid sinusitis, which manifests with pain around the eyes and the sides of your nose. Bleeding from nose could be due to trauma to the nasal mucosa or nasal polyps or bleeding disorders. It is difficult to confirm the cause without direct examination, x-ray or if required nasal endoscopy. Natural or home remedies should be used after confirmation of diagnosis of sinusitis, because if some other reason for your symptoms is found treatment would be different and this should not be neglected.
Check the link below for information on home remedies for mild sinusitis:

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I would like to suggest a company called Sinus Dynamics.  They must have a prescription from your doctor.  It has completely changed my life.  It is a nebulizer which you inhale the antibiotics and medicines that your doctor prescribes.  So therefore it is going directly to the sinuses and does not have to take as long to travel through your bloodstream as antibiotics do.  I suffered for 6 months with my last infection.  I have done it all, allergist (weekly shots), 4 different ENT's when nothing was working, neurologist, cat scans, surgery, etc.  I finally found an ENT who suggested the sinus nebulizer.  It changed my life!  I was about to give up.  I would cry some days from the constant pain and discomfort.  I lost days at work, was useless to my family, etc. etc. and was becoming very weak and depressed.  They have a website called Sinusdynamics.com.  I suggest anyone with chronic sinus disease check out this website.  I was skeptical because NOTHING was working for me, but I kept my faith and finally I am back to my normal life again.  I am sure I will have to use the nebulizer from time to time because sinus disease does not go away.  But it clears up the infection and makes life manageable again.  Please try it or at least research the website and see an ENT.  Good luck.
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