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every  morning i wake up with my throat burning and itching. i don't smoke. followed by irritating itch in my nose. anyone else experience this?
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In the fall of '07 and '09 I had a mysterious sore throat for weeks. Those same autumns I would have a sneeze attack during a rainstorm. Just ONE particular rainstorm.

My general practitioner thought the sore throats were from ragweed. It was always ragweed season when they occured, and batteries of tests for strep throat, yeasts and other things always came back negative.

I just got interdermal testing and did in fact come back reactive for ragweed, as well as molds, some pollens, dust mites and, unfortunately, cats ( I have a cat).

I cleaned my couch off to get rid of hair and my throat has since felt a bit sore and swollen over the last couple of days. I'm taking Zyrtec right now but will have to stop for a couple of days for one more interdermal test, for dog ( I always wanted a dog).

Sore throats can mean many things. Your post is so incredibly basic for a post to allergy forum, that you probably believe you have allergies, and you may very well have them. Only way to know is to get the tests.
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There are products (one I used for a while was called allerpet-c) that help denature (break it apart so it can't use allergies) the cat dander allergen.  

Or you can do allergy shots, pain in the butt for the first year since they are weekly but sooooo amazing not needing medication and not having any symptoms of allergies!!

I'm allergic to cats and dust mites too, have 2 cats.  For 6 months that got bathed with water once a week, wiped with the allerpet solution (made a huge difference!) and all the typical precautions for dust mites.  Doing that brought my symptoms down to tolerable with the medication (meds weren't working at all before), and now they don't get bathed, I'm not having to vacuum every couple of days and I'm only taking antihistamines before the allergy shot.  Both cats also sleep with me (I completely ignored the allergist on the advice of keeping them out of the bedroom). ;D


Try using a humifier, it might just be dry air that is irritating you.  If I don't keep one on at night my whole lungs, throat and nose feel like they are burning and it is so uncomfortable.
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