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skin allergy

hi. i'm balu frm india. i had skin allergy in my childhood(started at the age 4years). i used so meny medicines but finally i used homeopathy for two years. it was totally cured at age of 14. now i am 25years old i'm getting allergy since three months. my skin is getting itchy and reddish. if i scratch the skin, there is getting bumps. after 3 to 4 hours my skin is coming to normal. i came to know if i drink beer i'll be getting allergy. recently i stopped drinking too. but sometimes i'm getting allergy again. the symptoms are same as i experienced at my childhood. what should i do? do i need any tests. pls help me.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The skin lesions could be hives. Hives develop in response to an allergic reaction, by the release of histamine. The allergen can be medications, food, extremes of temperature, exercise and viral infections to name a few. Since you developed the outbreak with consumption of beer, the most likely cause would be an allergy to beer. So, therapy lies in avoiding the allergen and anti-histamines. Alternatively an allergy specialist may try to identify the offending allergen and try to desensitize you.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
1539037 tn?1294322228
thank you. what is hives? do i need hiv test? i've already done it. i totally stopped drinking. could tension casuative to allergy?
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