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suffering for too long...

Hi everyone. I have had allergies for years and they just seem to keep getting worse. I wake up every morning with tons of mucus in my chest and always stuffy sinuses. I am constantly coughing, have an itchy throat and eyes, and always have a stuffy nose. I am currently taking allergy shots because I am allergic to trees, weeds, grass, dogs, cats and cockroaches. Sometimes I feel like I cant breathe but I have been tested for asthma by many doctors and they all have said that I do not have that. I take an over the counter allergy medicine but it barely helps. I am so tired of being sick all the time. Someone please help!
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Hi Roxy,

I suffered for years too with allergies and my error, i found the cure for it.  I was doing a prune juice cleans for one day.  16 ounce class of prune juice , followed by 16 ounce apple juice and 16ouce water every thirty minutes for 8 hours and the next day OMG my sinus was clear and I was like wha tthe heck, this is interesting.  So finnally the other day my allergies got bad again from food and airborne and i decided i am gonna do this but not as extreme so on saturday once a month i do the cleanse,  

16 ounce prunce juice first thing no food okay
every half our after apple juice and water, alternate this okay

It will regulater the mucus build up in your body .  drink warm herbal tea to help with any gas

Hope it helps you.
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hello, one thing that jumped to mind about your allergies is a common thing that ppl miss. if your constantly waking up in pain like you are, here are a few things that might help. ---check your pillow and comforter for feathers---dust the room in which you sleep in---make sure you sleep in a cold room----and eat fruits and vegetables. i have done this and it has helped a lot, also wash your sheets and pillow cases frequently.

good luck.
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